Gele is a Yoruba word for a female head wrap. Its origin is believed to be from Africa. Gele used to be just a common head wrap but it has transformed over the years to not just a common head wrap but a form of art. 

Nigerian gele comes in different designs, colours and fabrics such as damask, brocade and aso-oke. When shopping for gele, ensure the texture of the fabric the gele is made of  is not too hard and not too soft. This is for easy manipulation when tying.

It is believed that the use of gele helps connect with history and culture.

Head-turning Gele styles 

blue gele/ digest.bellafricana

vintage aso oke gele/ digest.bellafricana

Tying gele is an act that involves patience, practice and often times a well-toned arm. There is no two ways in achieving an exact look twice when tying gele.

Gele is a not to skip part of a traditional attire because not only are they tied in various styles but they make the look complete and ultimately makes women feel beautiful no matter the occasion.

brown gele/ digest.bellafricana
The style and colour of the gele can be a reflection of your mood, style or personality.
head turning gele/ digest.belllafricana
pink-gele/ digest.bellafricana
black gele/digest.bellafricana
Photo credit to all the awesome photographers that took these beautiful ladies. Unfortunately, we couldn’t trace the main source

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  1. Suzy June 12, 2016 Subscriber

    Absolutely stunning! What type of material is used (I assume it has to be something fairly stiff)?

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