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[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Egypt is an ancient land known for its archaeological sites, bustling cities, rich local culture and also filled with ideal honeymoon destinations for couples. If you are looking for the highest level of luxury, high class relaxing and over-the-top honeymoon, then Egypt is that place you are looking for. There you’ll find some of the most magnificent and romantic settings for your honeymoon; ones that offers the highest level of comfort, excellent attention to detail and the kind of warm and freindly service that makes for a most memorable and wonderful romantic experience. [/dropcap]

Your honeymoon in Egypt can take all the best of intimacy and adventure by going site seeing at the awe-inspiring Sphinx and pyramids of Giza, swimming together in the cool blue Mediterranean Sea, romance at a live opera in bustling Cairo or exquisite dinner  in cosmopolitan Alexandria.

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Luxor is a city on the bank of Nile river and one of the most visited honeymoon destination in the country. Characterized as the ‘world’s greatest open air museum’, the city  houses many amazing heritage sites and historic monuments including the monuments, temples and tombs.

Honeymoon here is an experience of a lifetime for any newlywed couple as they will be amazed and mesmerized by the splendid historic monuments with marvelous architectures, refreshing Nile river cruise, hot air balloons rides, safari, museums, bustling city life, romantic honeymoon hotels to stay and the other cultural and heritage sight seeing wonders that this amazing and ancient city of Luxor has to offer to its visitors. Luxor is known for its stunning historical monuments and sightseeing is the major tourism activity in the city with numerous options grouped into East Bank (Karnak Temple, Mummification Museum, Luxor Temple) and West Bank (Valley of the Kings, Ramesseum Temple, the Tombs of the Nobles, Medinet Habu and Valley of the Queens)

Siwa Oasis


Siwa oasis is one of the most fascinating oasis in Egypt. It’s one of the five largest oases in the desert, lying 60 feet below sea level. Siwa is a preserved site, far from mass tourism. It is a land of legends and magic. Recognized by the Hellenistic world; an advisor to Alexander the Great, Cleopatra and Plato, the region is associated with caves of Gebel and Moutat, the “Mountain of the Dead” and the Greco-Roman necropolis with its painted historic and mysterious walls . It’s a timeless place where traditions and ancient gestures are still alive.

Hotel Adrere Amellal  (Adrere amellal means white mountain) built on the sides of a white limestone mountain is found in siwa. The hotel takes the form of a traditional village. The buildings are made of kershef, a local mixture of stones and salt water, which provides surprisingly good insulation. It conserves the heat in winter and the cold in summer.

Hotel  Adrere Amellal is recognized as one of the world’s most beautiful and most impressive eco-lodges hotels. It has welcomed Prince Charles and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles, among other celebrities.

The area has a nice climate, chilly in winter, hot in the summer and moderate in the spring and autumn. Siwa is famous for its dates and olives, and is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Egypt. Olives oil is still made in the area by crushing the olives from the 70,000 olive trees in the area with stones. The dates are gathered by zaggala (stick bearers), who must remain celibate until the age of forty. Interestingly, each October there is a three-day festival during which Siwans must settle all of their past year’s disputes.

Couples Sans Souci Resort


At Couples Resorts, your life together begins in one of the most blissful settings in the world. On that very special day, everything is absolutely made perfect.

From vibrant bridal bouquets to gourmet menus to thrilling live entertainment—the staff pays meticulous attention to every detail to create an unforgettable occasion.

Catering to a range of styles and budgets, there are fabulous personalized wedding packages. Whether exchanging vows on the white sand beach or on your own private island, hosting intimate outdoor dinners or memorable receptions with sumptuous buffets, you will find everything you ever dreamed of at Couples Resorts.

Phone:  888-717-6873

San Ignacio Resort Hotel


San Ignacio Resort Hotel is a Luxury resort nestled on 17 acres of lush jungle in the picturesque town of San Ignacio. The Resort offers serene comfort and the natural surroundings of tropical wildlife. Additionally, it is located just a few minutes away from the historical Cahal Pech Maya site.

The Resort is the perfect place to have a destination wedding or honeymoon, as it offers offers great variety of adventure and wildlife tours such as horseback riding, canoeing, zip-lining, visits to historical Maya sites, caves, and the award-winning Green Iguana Conservation project (located on-site). It’s a beautiful place where couples can unwind and enjoy each others comfort.

San Ignacio Resort provide guests with scenic beauty, new cultural experiences, relaxation, and adventurous romance!

Phone:  Toll Free: (855) 488-2624
Local: (501) 824-2034/2125



The town of Hurghada is famous for its out of this world natural beaches and wide variety of water sports activities; from windsurfing, sailing, deep-sea fishing, swimming, and jet skis, snorkeling and diving. The unique underwater gardens offshore are some of the finest in the world, justifiably famous amongst divers.

Honeymoon in Hurghada is all about beaches, water sports activities, exotic marine life sights and exciting nightlife. It is an ideal honeymoon destination for those newlywed couples who want to spend their honeymoon around some exotic and breathtaking beaches with plenty of water sports activities options. Hurghada honeymoon is more of sightseeing and spending some quality romantic time with your beloved partner by exploring the breathtaking natural beaches and make your honeymoon even more exciting by indulging in some of the most adventurous and exciting water sports activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing etc.

There are plenty of beautiful and secluded islands near Hurghada which offer all kinds of fun and excitement such as a day trip to Giftun Island for snorkeling and a fish barbecue, or viewing the Red Sea from a submarine. or a visit to the Roman Mons Porphyrites (mountain of porphyry) remains at nearby Gebel Abu Dukhan (Father of Smoke). Day-trips or safaris to explore the Red Sea Mountains and camel-riding across Biblical plains.

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