Creative Christmas Gifts Ideas


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Christmas season is here again, what Christmas Gifts are you getting for your loved ones? You don’t know yet? Alright then, Bellafricana is here to the rescue *wink*
Christmas comes to bless the earth. It is a time for everybody to be happy and merry. But what makes this season more special to us all, are the type of gifts we give and get.
So we have drawn up a list of really creative Christmas gifts ideas for you to wow your loved ones. And hey, you can even decide to surprise your enemies with a yummy package for the festive season, spread the love to all men! Christ is born!!…[/dropcap]

There’s a saying by Mahatma Gandhi, “The fragrance always remains on the hand that gives the rose.” This is indeed the case in gifting a friend/family/colleague etc. It never goes out of fashion to give, listed below are unique gift ideas for the coming festive season.

Creative Christmas Gifts Ideas

Health and Beauty Gifts:

These beauties never go out of season. Everyone needs good soap, body creme, oils and so much more in the hair and skin care products department.
This is why you can do no wrong by gifting your loved ones some beautifully packaged luxury beauty products as Christmas Gifts. The best part is the really good beauty products brands use creative packs to add some life to it.
Here are some suggestions you can try
Aweni Organics:
Aweni Organics gift box is a super amazing choice of gift! You get to give so much in just one box. See some pictures below; to place your orders, call +2348023138309 or send them an email on [email protected].
Aweni Organics Gift Pack perfect Christmas Gifts
Mint Organic Care:
Mint Organic Care is also a trusted handmade brand for health and beauty products. They do really amazing custom packages that will wow when you use them as Christmas Gifts.
See some of the products below; to place your orders, call them on +2348037821237, you can send them an email at [email protected] or visit their website
Christmas Package for Mint Organic Care
Custom gift packs by Mint Organic Care. Perfect for Christmas
Mint Organic Care Custom Order. Perfect For Christmas Gifts
Other hair and skincare producers you can patronize are; Beautifully Nappy (Organic Life Plus), Natural Nigerian, Inner Beautee, Namaste Organics and Midas Naturals.

Castille Soap Organic Life Plus
Buy Quality From Beautifully Nappy | Call: +23408093807493 | Email: [email protected] | Visit:

Natural Nigerian Flaxseed Gel Twist and Curl Pudding
Buy Quality From Natural Nigerian | Call: +2349092132141 (WhatsApp too) | Email: nn@naturalnigerian | Visit:

Inner Beautee Organic Sha Butter Lotion
Buy Quality From Inner Beautee | Call: +234 8078770777 | Email: [email protected] | Visit:

Namaste Organics Body Butter
Buy Quality From Namaste Organics | Call: +2348053532923 | Email: [email protected] | Visit:

Midas Naturals Creme Leave-in-Conditioner
Buy Quality From Midas Naturals | Call: +2348164400004 | Email: [email protected] | Visit:

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Fashion Related Gifts:

There’s a saying that goes thus; “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” – Rachel Zoe. Imagine how much your loved ones will cherish you if your Christmas gifts to them gives them this ability.
Gifting fashion items is one of the best ways to the human heart. Many people love to look chic and classy but it’s not usually a pocket friendly endeavour, so when they receive the beautiful fashion items as gifts, they will be really grateful.
Let’s look at some really amazing fashion gifts you can give your loved ones this coming Christmas.
Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi:
This company’s products are really unique gifts you can get for your loved ones, employees, employer, partner, customers etc. They make shoes, bags, laptop bags and shorts using locally loomed Aso-Oke fabrics.
Contact by calling: +2349090003789, email: [email protected], visit:
Team Work Plimsolls made by Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi. Great idea for Christmas Gifts
back to school back to school
gift idea gift idea gift ideaMuji Lagos:
This is a unique handmade in Nigeria leather handbag company. If you get this bag for any lady, she will be absolutely joyous to have received such special gift.
Muji Lagos handbags are extremely gorgeous, classy and highly fashionable. You can do no wrong when you carry a Muji Lagos creation.
Here are some of their designs below; to place your orders, call them on +2349090311558 or send them an email at [email protected]. You can also CLICK HERE to view their LISTING PAGE.
Muji Lagos Handbags in Formation
Muji Lagos Nude Handbag with Calf Flap. Perfect idea for Christmas gifts
African Things:
African Things is a design and production company that designs and produces African inspired products focusing on fashion accessories and functional utility products using African fabric and materials.
To contact them, call: +2348166725362, email: [email protected], visit:
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Other Fashion Gifts you can patronize are from; Delavi Couture, Always Me By Anne Li, Bimbeads, Ty-Tys Design, Bliss African Fashion, Terre Lagos, Addict By Pawprint, The Potters Signature, Itoro Okon.

Delavi Couture, fashion in nigeria, bellafricana
To reach Delavi, call: +2347033666100, email: [email protected]

always-me-bellafricana-ankara play mat-baby wear
To reach Always me, Call: +2348057775577, Email: [email protected], Visit:, Instagram: @alwaysmebyanneli

To reach Bimbeads, call: +2348034324702, email: [email protected], visit:

bliss-tissue-boxes-ankara boxes in nigeria-bellafricana
To reach Bliss African, call: +2347063463066, email: [email protected]

To reach Terre, call +2348055994135 or +2349090099440, email: [email protected]

blingshiki-bellafricana, dashiki, made in Nigeria
To reach Blingshiki, call: +2348099446312, email: [email protected], or visit:

To reach Ty-Tys, call: +2348050540564, email: [email protected]

To reach Itoro, call: +2348147542409, email: [email protected], visit:

Interior Decoration Gifts:

One more piece of furniture or accessory is never unwanted in a home, office or commercial centres. This is true especially when that extra piece of furniture is highly useful or uniquely beautiful.
We know this, and hence are suggesting you can get your loved ones really unique furniture as part of the Christmas Gifts idea. Let’s see some of them…
WoodsWorth Interior:
Woodsworth Interior is an interior design and furniture manufacturing firm based in Enugu, Nigeria dedicated to providing complete interior design services and bespoke furniture.
To reach them, call: +2348163111643, email: [email protected], or visit:
The furniture pieces made by Taeillo is one of a kind indeed. Gift your loved ones a furniture made using Aso Oke fabric or Ankara fabric and they will be elated.
Here are some of their designs below; to place your orders, call them on +2348089530054 or send them an email at [email protected]. You can also CLICK HERE to view their LISTING PAGE.
Square Aso Oke and Ankara Ottoman by Taeillo. perfect Christmas Gifts IdeaFurniture and Aso Oke Throw Pillow by Taeillo. perfect Christmas Gift idea
Other Interior decorations you can get from: MitiMeth, Ethnikologie, Siod Leather, My Imani, Creative Safari.

To get these from MitiMeth, call: +2347057081482, email: [email protected], visit:

Cowries edge design Pandanus Baskets sourced by Ethnikologie
To contact Ethnikologie, call: +2348075067310, email: [email protected]

To reach Siod Leather, call: +2347033124884, email:[email protected], visit:

my-imani-bellafricana, home decor, nigeria
To reach My Imani, call: +2347039381787, email: [email protected], visit:

Corporate/Other Gift Ideas
To place an order, whatsapp +2348184457403, email [email protected]

Bellafricana Gift
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What’s your favourite gift and why? Let’s hear from you, leave a comment below..

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