How To Rock African Fashion

Asooke throwStyling African wears could demand lots of detail and attention, this is because for it to fit into the contemporary world one needs to pay close attention to detail and be aesthetic about it.

Lots of fashion designers have come up with flexible wear designs that could be styled for different occasions. 

Here is a list of ways and places to style up your African wear,


Do you want to infuse your African wear into the corporate world? Do you often attend business fairs, meetings, and conferences and you need the best styling ways to fit into these places and not look too traditional. The idea behind slaying an African outfit successfully is to keep it classy and simple at the same time.

Michelle Midi Oeclat

O’Eclat Designs, an ethical Nigerian brand, makes use of premium leather, to craft beautiful handmade bags, with some having beautiful African design prints, these bags can be combined with nice suits/ jackets or beautiful gowns. You will just stun in this fabulous look and have eye-rolling. These bags are made of African fabrics and could be used to fit into the contemporary style of dressing. These beautifully made African bags will suit perfectly with corporate dresses or corporate trousers and suits.


Morin O has also put together collections of African-inspired bags, wallets, belts, and slippers. Morin O’s handcrafted bags will always do well in your corporate world, Men’s bags are not left out, quality men’s bags for the corporate world. No matter the occasion, you can’t go wrong with a well-sewn colorful fabric made with rich leather sourced from Nigeria.



 There is a funny saying ‘’Eni o wo Ankara o je semo’’ meaning; that the guest who does not wear uniform fabric popularly called ‘’aso ebi’’ will not eat at the social gathering. The fabric is worn particularly and uniformly for celebration. On a lighter note, it may serve as a gate pass to several social events. African print is usually worn to social events such as weddings, burials, religious gatherings, and a lot more.

Ethnik Africa is a global brand inspired by ancient asooke craftsmanship of western Nigerian and African culture. This brand is known for making beautiful loafers, travel bags, asooke inspired sneakers, that can comfortably be worn to formal gatherings. It can be worn in jeans, jumpsuits, gowns, skirts, or even shorts, traveling bags, sneakers, etc.

Adorning yourself with African wear to socials could be very versatile and flexible. It is popularly known to be worn mainly in African countries though it is slowly being adopted by the western world. Several celebrities have been seen to embrace this trend, a couple of western celebrities such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Sia, and others have been seen rocking African fashion dresses and bags for several outings. This is a big win for the African fashion industry, though slowly but surely, the aim is for the whole world to finally embrace this trend into their culture and social lives.



There are times you simply need an easy-going style to wear for hangouts, small parties, dinners, or dates. Ankara shorts, crop tops, skirts, and gowns could be your best guess. Ankara/ Adire pullovers and tops are flexible in their utilization and styling and ought to be a staple in each woman’s closet. Ankara coordinate sets are easy to wear as you can rock them with trousers or gowns and skirts. If free wear for fashion lazy or work-free day. The African hangout is a series of ready-to-wear items that one just picks up from the wardrobe.

Ethnik Africa bowler hats


Bellafricana Member, Proverbs Creations Launches the New “Allure” Collection

The Allure Collection by Proverbs Creations

On the 30th of August, Proverbs Creations launched a New Collection titled “The Allure Collection”. Prior to the launch, we kept receiving teasers on their social media page, wetting our appetite in anticipation of the launch.

We didn’t know what to expect, but we were certain that whatever it may be, Proverbs Creations would come through with their top notch creativity and uniqueness. So, what was the Allure collection about?

Before I answer that, let me introduce Proverbs Creations to you.

Founded by Mrs Bukola Adenuga, Proverbs Creations is a Fashion/Craft business. They use their creativity to accentuate the beauty of many women. For a while now, they have been known for their unusual but beautiful accessories. Lately they added hand painted and embellished clothing to their product line . Because they love the unusual, they came up with their signature Sand jewelry.

Mrs Bukola says: “Our goal is to be the one-stop-shop for unusually creative fashion/craft accessories.” Want to see some of their amazing designs? Click here

Now, back to the Allure Collection Launch

Here are some words that Proverbs Creations used to describe the Allure Collection:

“ALLURE’ is our newest baby and its a gift that we will be offering to you.
‘ALLURE’ will bring smiles to your faces.

It will warm your hearts.

It will solve creative gifting idea problems for you.

It will inspire you.

It will challenge you.

It will change your perception.


Okay, okay. We’re almost close to knowing what the big reveal is.  And here is what the Pre-Launch video looks like:


Did you guess right? It’s  a collection of unique, up-cycled bottle decor designs of different sizes. The private viewing launch on zoom, featured 43 new “Alluring” bottle decor designs, that are guaranteed to take your space from 0 to 100 real quick! And we were right, Proverbs Creations did live up to our expectations. Want to find out more? Then Click on this link.



BRN Essence-The Home of Millinery and Styling at their finest


Who’s a hat lover like me? Then you’ll definitely love BRN Essence.  Take it from me, they make one of the best Millinery products you’ll ever find. Want to see some?? Then keep reading.

But, First What is BRN Essence about?

BRN Essence is a Millinery & Styling Business. We started operations first May 2018 styling, retailing high end fashion pieces.



They catered to the busy career women, fashion savvy women and women who wanted a special style upgrade.

The creative aspect of BRN Essence kick started March 2020, they Introduced our Millinery line, all handmade by BRN Essence, beautifully & carefully crafted for the everyday woman who wants to standout beautifully at occasions/events.

What Products do they make?

They create individual & group piece for brides,bridal train, bridal party, fashion photo-shoots, birthday,baby shower, anniversary etc.

Halo crowns
Headbands & fascinator turbans

Their  handcrafted products are as below :



Seen something you like? Then reach out to BRN Essence through the following channels:

WhatsApp: Brn Essence

 Email: [email protected]

Instagram: Brn Essence


Want to see how these millinery pieces will  look on you? Watch the video below:

Done? Fantastic. These would make for good gifts don’t you think? Why not order one now?

Dhoney Nigeria Launches Oversized Tshirt Collection

Dhoney Adire 5

Twentieth August, 2020. This date will go down in history as the date Dhoney Nigeria launched her Oversized Tshirt collection.

Do you know who Dhoney Nigeria is?

Dhoney Nigeria is a contemporary Adire textiles and craft brand.

They provide fashion enthusiasts and Art lovers with sustainable, fashionable Adire Art pieces to boost their confidence and showcase their love for art, fashion and colours.
All designs are handcrafted with love and for the purpose of sustainable the beauty, indigenous African Adire Art.

Dhoney Adire and Crafts Nigeria is Founded by Doyinmola Olajoye a young passionate Nigerian, who had no adequate support as she embarked on a goal to empower young people to promote our culture and in turn earn a living for themselves.

The founder, proceeded to learn the craft and today we are living the dreams.

They offer young people in secondary school Adire crafts Masterclasses for FREE as the project of empowering these young people ultimately birthed the BRAND

Their products ranges from Batik fabrics, Tie and dye fabrics, Tshirts, handcrafted bags and accessories, souvenir/gift items etc

Dhoney Nigeria does offer revamp services, and Masterclasses for people, teaching them to make Adire themselves and monetize their knowledge.

Now, let’s gist you about the Oversize Tshirt Launch

The contemporary Tshirt collection for fashion enthusiasts and art lovers features bold, unique, exciting hand dyed designs and Dhoney flock print representing the sweetness and uniqueness of Africa’s indigenous craft.

Oversized Tshirts are not meant for plus size only, but also for the bold, confident and beautiful art lover.

Check out some of our favorites:

Dhoney Adire 4 Dhoney Adire 3 Dhoney Adire




Shop ultra comfortable and unique Tshirts on Preorder




Seen something you like? Then Preorder yours here

Dhoney is also social. Follow them on:


Facebook: @Dhoney Nigeria



Amluck Stitches- The Hub for Top Quality, Bespoke Fashion

Nuqi Blazer by Amluck stitches



What’s that one thing that endears you to a fashion brand? Is it the quality of their work, their versatility, their unique styles, or their affordability? If you have ticked one or more of these options, then you’ll definitely love Amluck Stitches. Trust Bellafricana to provide you with the best, quality fashion pieces.

They are a “Unisex brand that speaks Class & Uniqueness”.

Their ready-to-wear pieces are the best handmade illustration of bespoke fashion.

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite pieces made by them.

Just before that, you need to follow Amluck Stitches on Social media. Check out their social media handles below:

Instagram: @Amluck Stitches

Facebook:  @Amluck Stitches

Now, let’s get started:

  1.  Unisex  Kaftans

Amluck Stitches Kaftans


Kaftans have a way of giving you that “daring, boss lady” feel. I think that’s why they’re all the rave now. That said, looking for Kaftans of  different patterns and styles? Then Amluck Stitches can hook you up.

Price: NGN 12,000.00

  1. Boubou Unusual


Amluck Stitches Boubou Fashion stylist in Nigeria

This dress is for the everyday woman who loves comfort, class and Elegance. Already picturing yourself in this piece? Me too! This is one that every woman should have. Don’t you think?

Price: NGN 10,000.00


  1. The Nuqi 2-Piece Set


Amluck Stitches Nuki 2-piece set

This set is very comfortable and chic, suitable for all events. Looking to turn heads? This two-piece is definitely the right choice.

Price: NGN 12,000.00


  1. Bespoke Party/ Evening dinner outfits


Looking to stand out at that event? Then let Amluck stitches help with that. You can choose your preferred fabric and style.

Price: NGN 15,000.00 (Fabric exclusive)

  1. The Nuqi Blazer


Nuqi Blazer by Amluck stitches

This is a must have high quality luxurious Blazer. The belt to properly cinch the waist, plus the dramatic sleeves? Definitely a keeper. It’s available in different colors, so you get the option to pick your favorite? Why haven’t you ordered yet?

Price: NGN 10,000.00


Seen something you like? Then click here to chat directly with a representative

Would you like to see more beautiful designs?  Click here to view the entire catalog of beautiful styles.







Have You Supported A Local Business in Nigeria Today? (Part 1)

Queen-Idia-print-mimiremi fabrics on bellafricana

Hi there, have you supported a Local Business in Nigeria today?! You know, there’s a lot of misconception surrounding local products in terms of its meeting up to International standards in terms of creativity and quality.

I am here to correct that misconception. Made in Africa products are beautiful, creative, and top quality. I’m not just saying this because I’m African. I’m saying this because I have proof. And I’ll share this proof with you.

So sit back, relax and enjoy these amazing products made in Nigeria (Africa):

  1. Food produce

a. Proudly Made-in-Nigeria Coffee

Happy Coffee pack on bellafricana

Presenting to you, tasty, rich made-in-Nigeria coffee by Happy Coffee Nigeria. Explore more here

b. Nourishing Meals for Babies

August-Secrets Meals on bellafricana

AugustSecrets is evolving to be the company from Africa, leading the cause for child nutrition with wholesome solutions. Explore more Here

c. Healthy Snacking Options

Lami-chinchin-choco on bellafricana

Lami Foods, the company that produces healthy snacks in a variety of  flavors is proudly made-in-Nigeria too. Check out more here

d. Tasty Pap Paste Pap on bellafricana

Have you ever had pap that tastes and looks like yoghurt? Ologi pap is tasty and proudly made-in-Nigeria. Explore more here

e. Dried Beans Flour

adarexfoods-product-bean on bellafricana

Dried Beans Flour for the win, proudly made-in-Nigeria by AdarexFoods. Explore more here

f. Dried Fruit snacks and Powders

Lim lim dried fruits and powder on bellafricana blog


There is barely anything this Nigerian company cannot transform into powder. The powder alternatives contain the same amount of nutrients as the normal ones, and even last longer. Limlim Dried Fruits is the name. Explore more here

g. Quality herbs and teas

Kiolar-Honey on bellafricana

Kiolar Foods is your go-to for quality spices, herbs, and teas. Need to get more? Check them out here

See article: 7 Unique Gift Items For Women

Toks foods cassava flour on bellafricana blog

Toks foods is out to promote healthy meals all over Africa through our healthy foods. With their nutritious processed flours and grains (such as cassava flour, Ofada rice, etcetera), you’re guaranteed of top quality.

i. Processed food spices

Ady's Food Mart spices on bellafricana

From Crayfish to Chilli pepper, and lots more, Ady’s Food Mart provides cooking, shopping and delivery services to a wide clientele across Nigeria and the world where African dishes are appreciated.  Get the best of Ady’s food mart here

2. Hand Printed Fabric and Ready-to-wear pieces

  a.Hand-dyed Fabric

Asologe Adire Fabrics on Bellafricana

Presenting to you, hand dyed fabric pieces in several patterns and colors, courtesy Asologe Fashion House. Explore more here

b. Hand Painted fabric

Queen-Idia-print-mimiremi fabrics on bellafricana

Look very closely at these piece. Do you know they’re handpainted? Yes, Mimiremi Textiles makes the hand painted pieces with the a variety of patterns and styles. Explore more here

c. Children’s African Wear by Little Weavers

Little weavers Nigeria Bellafricana member

Little Weavers makes beautiful ready-to-wear pieces for kids and teenagers with African Fabric. Pretty isn’t it? Explore more here

d. Adire Tees

Dhoney-Adire oversized tees on bellafricana as a member

These Tees are pretty, aren’t they? Well, courtesy of Dhoney Nigeria, these oversized unisex tees are yours to keep, (and even gift that special one). Check out more beautiful Adire pieces here

e. Adire and Batik fabric

Adire by Teeny on bellafricana


Adire by Teeny specializes in handcrafted Adire and Batik. They also produce fabric souvenirs from their products. You should check them out. You’ll love what you see!

f. Batik Fabric 

House of bolts adire on bellafricana

The Bellafricana family has one of the best Batik fabric in Nigeria, and even beyond. That’s House of Bolt. Need some more convincing? Check them out here

Aren’t these creative local business in Nigeria all lovely? Yes! Made-in-Africa products are here to stay! And this is just the tip of the iceberg! We will be showcasing so many products from creative Indigenous brands which also happen to be Bellafricana Members too! Bellafricana marketplace is doing her part to promote and empower these local businesses. Will you also do your part by supporting and patronizing them too?


4 Bag Care sins you need to repent from🤣

bags by Ethnik Africa Utu on Bellafricana marketplace
Detail Africa Briefcase
Detail Africa Briefcase

Hi! Do you know that a lot of us have been doing some things wrong when it comes to caring for our handbags? I was guilty of some of these “Bag care Sins” but now I know better. I will be sharing them with you soon, but while I am doing that, feel free to browse through some beautiful handbags by Bellafricana Members. Are you ready? Let’s get started:


oba couture bag
Oba couture bag

View More by Oba  Couture here

Sin #1. Keeping your Bag in the Box:

I know you love staring at your bags in their little boxes, sitting pretty. But leather cracks when there is no air. Imagine sitting in a choked up place without ventilation. That’s exactly how your bag feels. What you can do instead is to put them in drawstring bags to avoid dust settling on them, as well as preserve the fabric.




miraoma Luxury Bellafricana member

View More bags by MiraOma here

Sin #2. Using your blow-dryer to air out a wet bag:

If you notice a water spill, using a blow-dryer, or any other form of heat that isn’t natural, can cause serious damage to your bag. So, why not allow it air out naturally? Remember not to also put it out in direct sunlight. Instead, store them in a cool, dry place.



Morin O casual bags
Morin O casual bags

View More bags by Morin-O here

Sin #3. Not Stuffing the bag when not in use:

Bags tend to lose their form or shape when empty. This period when most of your bags will not be in much use, you can stuff them with a mass of clean clothes, or throwpillows to help retain the shape.


View More bags by Oeclat here

Sin #4. Hanging your bags: 

How many of us are guilty of this? Putting a bag up by the handles can cause the handles to lose shape, or even crack. If your bags have been out-living their handles, this may be a reason why.

Ethnik Utu bag Bellafricana member
Ethnik Utu bag

View More bags from Ethnik here

So, there you have it! I hope you have learnt a thing or two from this, and trust you will repent from your “Bag Care sins” (if guilty)🤣

Last minute Mother’s Day Gift package on a budget

An important day every month of March yearly holds a significance not because of a serendipitous cosmic event or some famous historical birth but because it is the day the world agrees that mothers should be acknowledged and motherhood, celebrated.

On this special day, not only mothers but mentors, Godmothers, teachers, and absolutely every person that represents a mother figure are brought to the very forefront by their offspring and loved ones in recognition of the courage and selflessness that they embody through the rigor of child bearing and motherhood.

Well I’m sure you have realized that the D-day is here and if you still have not found the perfect Mother’s Day Gift gift item for her, this list is just perfect for you!

Let’s help you get your “mamushka” the perfect Mother’s Day Gift gift on a budget shall we?

1. Handprinted fabrics

Hardly will you find an African mother who does not treasure the looks of a beautifully designed fabric on her. These fabric are handprinted with love and care, and it is a certainty that she will love them.

a. Get handprinted fabric like this from Mimiremi Textiles here

Mimiremi textiles handprinted fabric


b. Patterned hand-dyed adire fabric says will make your mom’s day. Trust us when we say so. Get beautiful adire fabric from Adire lounge here.

Adire lounge fabric 1
Adire lounge fabric
Adire fabric 2
Adire lounge fabric

c. Asologe Fashion House is another store to find unique and versatile Adire prints. You can get Adire on Lace, fused with Aso-oke, and lots more. Your mom will sure love them. You can place your order here

Asologe 3

Asologe 3
Asologe 3


2. Skincare products

Another gift idea for your Mom would be a skincare set. Treat her skin to luxury skincare products that she’ll cherish for a long time.

See skincare products here:

modara naturals Mom's day set
modara naturals Mom’s day set

a. Get this special mother’s day skincare giftbox from Modara Naturals here:

Haske Body Butter
Sha Face Oil
Brilho Body Oil
Sinmi Foot Scrub
Ori Body Butter
Laushi Coffee Scrub
Safi Coconut Oil
Asakwa Black Soap

Plus a customized Modara towel.

Price- ₦20,000

organic life plus mom's day set
organic life plus mom’s day set

b.  This set of body oils and facial cleansers from Organic Life Plus will do wonders to your Mom’s skin. They also come with a customized box. Order yours here

rb organics face set
rb organics face set

c. You can also order a full face set from RB organics

This set contains:

Wash ₦2,500
Cream ₦4,000
Toner ₦2,500
Mask ₦4,000
Vitamin C Serum ₦8,500
Discount price ₦20,000

You get to save ₦1,500 from ordering the full set too😍. Amazing isn’t it? Order them here

3. Bags

If you have a budget planned and you desire to bring a wide and genuine smile to her face then you should go for a very classy and fashionable handbag. Guess what? You can never go wrong with bags!

When donned properly, they bring the perfect embellishment to any outfit and make her ooze style. Where can you get them? See a list of bags from Bellafricana verified brands that you can get gorgeous bags from:

a. Morin O bags are made from original, leather and would definitely put a wide grin on your Mom’s face.


Morin-O bag
Morin-O bag
Morin-O bag
Morin-O bag


Order bags from Morin O here

b.  Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi is another brand that serves trendy, African-Inspired, and irresistible bags. Mom will be so pleased with these:

Ethnik Utu bag
Ethnik Utu bag
Ethnik Naserian bag
Ethnik Naserian bag

Order them here

c. O’Eclat bags are your go-to if you need bags that never go out of style, and will keep Mom trendy and Chic. Shop them here

oeclat bags

oeclat bags

d. Think Oba couture if you’re opting for Embossed animal leather bags that are spacious!

Oba couture bag
Oba couture bag
Oba couture bag
Oba couture bag

e. Mira Oma Luxury is another brand that we trust for quality handmade bags that you can gift your mom. Order for them here

Miraoma bag set
Miraoma bag set
mira oma laptop bag
mira oma laptop bag

4. Shoes

It’s Mother’s Day and You really want to make sure you tell your mum how beautiful she is, truth is, every mother wants to know that they are still looking young and beautiful and there’s no better way to tell her than getting her a pair of nicely crafted shoes.

Boxing up anything from flat soles to sneakers (for the funky mum) delivers the message beautifully well.

Check out these beautiful shoes below:


Ethnik eyo sneakers in yellow
Ethnik eyo sneakers in yellow
Ethnik Eyo sneakers
Ethnik Eyo sneakers

Get them Here

b. If your mom would rather be comfortable with flats, Here are some sandals from Oba couture she would absolutely love. Shop them here

Oba couture pam slippers

Oba Couture flat sandals
Oba Couture flat sandals

Which of these would you get for your mom? Tell me in the comments.

Did I hear you say Leather-Inspired Gifts?

Yes! You heard it right. Leathers are the perfect gift for anyone. Whether it be bags, shoes, wristwatches, cardholders, briefcases, clutches or what have you, when it comes to boxing up Leather as a gift for that special person, you can never go wrong.

If you are looking for quality and affordable Leather brands in Nigeria you can trust, no worries! We have curated this list just for you.

  1. Miraoma Luxury

Miraoma logo

Mira Oma is a luxury brand distinct in creating quality leather accessories made with an African twist.Its uniqueness is accredited to innovative fusion of ethnic fabrics, ornaments and exotic leather materials.

Miraoma shoes

Bags from Miraoma

Specializing in clutches, totes, cardholders, briefcases, cross body and messenger bags, their designs are exquisitely for men and women.

Miraoma bag set


You can visit their website, and Instagram page.

2. Morin O

morin o

Using the finest of Leather from Nigeria, Italy, India and skin farms in Africa, all Morin.O handbags and accessories are handcrafted to accentuate your style.

Morin O red bag

morin O pink bag


All these and more make their leather products ranging from handbags, travel accessories to belts and wallets the perfect gift item.


morin 0 leather slippers

You can visit their website, and Instagram page.

3. Oba Couture
Oba couture logo

When it comes to Luxury and Leathery Finesse, Oba couture is your brand!



Their products include handbags, sandals, shoes and other leather goods with a culture of fine craftsmanship, design and innovation. Their products make just the perfect gift for anyone.

You can visit their Instagram page

4. Ethnik By Tunde Owolabi

ethnik logo

Ethnik’s design philosophy is to produce sustainable fashion accessories that are uniquely Afrocentric, drawing inspiration from the Yoruba culture of Nigeria and other African cultures by telling their story through patterns and colors woven into beautiful fabrics.

ethnik bag and shoe
Ethnik boasts only of the highest quality and skillfully crafted leather products ranging from bags, to matching shoes and other accessories.

bag by ethnik bag by ethnik

You can visit their website, and Instagram page.

5. Pere Lei

pere lei

PereLei is also a leather goods brand that creates finely crafted leather pieces utilizing the finest array of colors, textures and skins.

Products include bags, shoes accessories, corporate souvenirs and other Leather inspired gifts.

6. O’eclat


Oeclat logo

O’Eclat Designs (pronounced O-eyklah) produces premium quality and affordable handcrafted leather handbags and accessories inspired by the rich African culture and tradition.

oeclat bag

oeclat belt bag

Just one glance at any of their products and you will have found just the perfect gift for that special person.

oeclat purse

You can visit their website, and Instagram page.


7. Detail Africa Luxury

logo detail africa

Yes! They put in the most careful detail to all of their leather products with classy urban and contemporary touches. Detail Africa design their products through excellent craftsmanship and is evident in their outlooks and quality of the products.

Bag detail africa back pack detail africa

And yes! They are affordable. Browse through their collection for your choice of gift items today.

You can visit their website, and Instagram page.

Valentine’s day gift packages on a budget

Valentine is around the corner. With so many things on your mind, you might have forgotten to get that special someone a gift. Don’t fret, they’ll understand if you chose February 14th (of all days) to show how much you mean to them.

Wait, before you give up, there just might be a solution. Say you’re stuck in a sea of options and you’ve got to do last minute shopping on a budget, there are some places that come highly recommended where you can get your loved one budget-friendly gifts this valentine’s day. Let’s dive right in:

1. Beautiful Hand printed fabric:

Mimiremi textiles handprinted fabric Mimiremi textiles handprinted fabric

Step outside the box and dazzle your loved one with beautiful, hand printed fabric from Mimiremi Textiles.

These fabric come in a variety of designs and colors, all crafted with care, reflecting how much you feel about that special one.

What you’ll love the most is them is how inexpensive they are. A yard goes for ₦4,000 only

Hard to believe right? Place your orders right away.

Visit them on Instagram here

Place an order directly on whatsapp here

2. Beautiful Briefcase Package:

Valentines package from detail africa












Treat your loved one like the boss they are. Get them this economic valentine’s package from Detail Africa. In this package, you get:

  • A briefcase with a customised tag.
  • Product packaging
  • Selected photograph with a special valentine’s card
  •  Freshly cut roses ( for females only)

Price : ₦50,000

Order today

Visit them on Instagram and make an order here

3. Love themed Throw pillows:

Get all lovey-dovey with customized throw pillows from Adire Lounge.

You also get to select a box  containing throw pillows, scented candles, adire printed mugs, tote bags, and lots more. Set the right mood with these and more.

Select your preference below:

Valentine's package for Him Adire Lounge
Valentine's package for her
Price: ₦20,000
Throw pillows from Adire Lounge
Price ₦3800, Big throw pilllows: ₦5,000

Throw pillows frrom adire Lounge


Connect with adire lounge on Instagram here

Place your orders here

4. Handbags for the one you love:

Naserian bag by Tunde OwolabiNaserian bag by Tunde Owolabi

Make Valentine special for the one you love with this Naserian bag, or the Utu bag in all their glory from Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi.

A tasty blend of Asooke and leather, these bags are the perfect gift for her. You need to order this beauty?

Click on this link to connect with Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi.

Place an order directly on whatsapp here

5. Scented candles to set the mood:

Scented candles from dach 2

Set the right mood for valentine’s day with relaxing, aromatherapic candles made of musk, amber and rose. Or you could  settle for the pink champagne and Pomelo. From prices as low as ₦5,500 you can literally sniff love in the air. Dach Home and body is here to take your orders.

Visit Dach Home and Body’s  instagram feed here

Or Place an order directly on instagram here

6.  Scented Perfume Oils

Perfume oils from Tiwi

Tiwi home fragrances has a range of scented perfume oils which you can gift your loved ones that special day.  Sensuelle. Rose and mask. Oudh Arabia. Oudh Savour. Any flavours you choose sends the right message and will serenade your loved one.

Connect with Tiwi Home Fragrances on Instagram here

You can place an order here to get your scented perfume oils.

7. Lover’s  Foot pack

Foot bombs by sahara sunrise

Take this as a bonus. It comprises the Foot balm, Foot mask, Foot soak bath bomb, and peppermint foot scrub. Use it to give your love a pedicure. It is endearing, caring and sensual!

I suggest you wear the free Valentine hat while giving the pedicure for a good laugh! Price: ₦4,000.

Connect with Sahara Sunrise on Instagram here

Order for your foot pack here

Are you ready to stun that special someoene this valentine’s day? Select any (or all 😂) of the gift ideas above, and you’ll be glad you did.


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