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[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Bellafricana is a marketplace where people around the world go to sell and buy unique Afrocentric and handmade goods. We are huge lovers of Afrocentric (made from Africa) and handmade products and services hence the reason we have created a platform to connect artisans, creatives, buyers, sellers and manufacturers. [/dropcap]

As the personnel at Bellafricana count down to the launch of their Afrocentric marketplace, they share with us the purpose of the online platform.

The Bella community  will consist of;

  • Passionate and creative sellers that care a great deal about quality and craftsmanship.
  • Buyers who trust us to provide them with unique Afrocentric and handmade selections that they can’t find just anywhere.
  • Partners that synergies with Bellafricana and her sellers to grow the marketplace.
  • Experienced Afrocentric and handmade Trainers that believe in knowledge sharing.
  • The Bella crew who understands the importance of passion, synergy and growth. Thereby, maintaining and ensuring everyone is happy on the marketplace.

Buy Creative Products

Discover awesome Afrocentric and handmade products that you can’t find just anywhere. Order and get it delivered to your door step Nationwide and to selected countries worldwide. Get to know shops and items with reviews from our community. Feel confident knowing we have a buyer protection here to protect you. We have partnered with some of the best logistics companies such as DHL as well as we have partnered with trusted payment provider such as PayPal.

Sell Creative Products

Open a shop for free and grow your creative business, we do the selling reaching customers all over the world. We handle your worldwide delivery and provide superior support services working with you to ensure you and your customers have the best experience. We have a ready market of extensive audience of expatriates, Diaspora and shoppers in Nigeria and overseas. We would keep you up-to-date with events & exhibitions through our network that would benefit you as a seller on our platform.

We look forward to the launch of this great platform where local content can be promoted, various artisans get more jobs, job seekers get employed, passionate entrepreneurs find their right target market and are thereby happy to stay in business.


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