Aso-Oke Inspired Tie By Ty-Tys

Aso-Oke Inspired Tie By Ty-Tys

Aso-oke has in recent times become more versatile in its use and is no longer limited to its traditional uses. The cloth is fast evolving into the fabric of choice for cutting edge fashion and trendy accessories in different countries and world regions.

Vibrant Aso Oke Bowties by Ty-Tys Designs

Ademiluyi did something creative with neckties! Instead of cotton or usual silk materials that ties are often made of, he decided to make ‘Aso-oke neckties’, a hand loomed cloth intricately woven predominantly by the Yoruba people, using techniques that were developed centuries ago and passed down through generations.

Vibrant Aso Oke Bowtie & Tie by Ty-Tys Designs

The Yoruba people are from Southwest Nigeria. With a population of over 30million, they are also found in many West African countries and diasporic communities all over the world. The Yoruba people wear Aso-oke fabrics sewn in traditional styles on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays or christenings. Ty-tys neckwear is hand made and can be customized to meet your needs.


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