African Platter Map: The Garba (Golden Street Food In Ivory Coast)


If on tour of the West African country of Ivory coast, the food ‘Garba’  is a popular street food used to welcome you by street vendors and roadside restaurants.

“Most people” at the mention of the word “street food”, would twist and turn their face (lol). My only advice is to be careful in your selection of a vendor, but never let that stop you from exploring and enjoying a different culture.
Garba (popularly known as Attiéké and fish) is mostly sold by men in little street booths, called Garbadromes in Ivory Coast. It consists basically of Attiéké (cassava semolina, which looks somewhat like couscous), fried pieces of tuna with chopped onions, tomatoes mixed with fresh peppers, sprinkled with cooking oil and seasoning cubes.

I’m sure your taste buds are already drooling, not to worry the recipe and directions are right below.
– A slice of 300g tuna
-1 ball of Attiéké (couscous)
-1 medium sized onion
-pepper (depending on preference)
–1 seasoning cube
– Vegetable oil
– Salt
– Ground pepper
-1 cup flour

  • Crush gently attiéké and do a bane-marie in a sieve to steam.
  • Chop in bits onions and pepper and keep
  • Mix tuna with your oil, salt and ground pepper (allow to marinade)
  • Fry each side for 4 minutes in hot oil
  • Plate your attiéké, by spreading on a plate, then drizzle 3tbsp of vegetable oil on it, then crumble seasoning cube and mix properly.
  • Serve with sufficient onions and fried tuna fish

P.S. The best way to eat and truly enjoy the experience of the attiéké is by eating it with your fingers 😉

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