Yemi Alade features in Shell's #makethefuture Campaign


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Yemi Alade, the popular Nigerian songstress known for her signature-look bold African hairstyle, has claimed her title as the King of Queens once again. Recently, she featured in Shell‘s #makethefuture campaign and she really made us proud as she is the only African featured in the music video.
Yemi, born as Yemi Eberechi Alade, started her climb to stardom when she won the 2009 Peak Talent Show. Ever since, she has been soaring high beautifully and breaking ground after grounds… [/dropcap]

Yemi Alade and her signature look African hairstyle. She feautured on Shell's #makethefuture campaign. Image found fasionpheeva
Photo Credit: Fashion Pheeva

She is best known for her hit single Johnny. I am personally in love with her Tangerine single, which, like the ‘Johnny’ song is produced by Selebobo. I still catch myself humming the rhythm to the ‘Tangerine’ song from time to time.

Shell’s #makethefuture Campaign

Shell is a globally renowned oil and gas company. They launched the #makethefuture campaign to display the endless possibilities available to make the future healthier and more sustainable.
To this effect, Shell made a music video specially for this campaign, featuring 6 amazingly talented renowned music artists from across the world. The music artists featured are; Yemi Alade (Nigeria, Africa), Jennifer Hudson (Chicago, America), Steve Aoki (Miami, North America), Luan Santana (Campo Grande, Brazil), Pixie Lott (Bromley, Unite Kingdom) and Tan Wei Wei (Zigong, China).
This exclusive music video shows 7 different energy innovations which, if implement properly, can really make the future better. Hence the hash tag, #makethefuture.
Shell also has a plan to launch the world’s first gas-fuelled cruise ships in a few years to come. The ship is set to sail from Europe over the next few years.

The Part Yemi Alade Sang in The Best Day Of My Life

Now, let’s visit the part that has actually got us at Bellafricana really psyched about this #makethefuture campaign. Uhh.. Don’t take this the wrong way o, we do subscribe and root for a sustainable contamination free future, but we can’t hide our joy of finding our very own Yemi Alade rolling with the big wigs in the global music industry.
So without excess stories that touch, here is the part Yemi Alade sang. She represented the African heritage proudly not just with her hairstyle but also by adding the Yorùbá (a dialect of the Western people of Nigeria) mix in the music!

Did you get that part where she literally interpreted the ‘Best Day of My Life’ in the Yorùbá dialect! She said: “Ojó tó dùn jù nínú aiyé mí o” which literally translates to “The day that is best in my life”. I don’t know about you o, but Yemi Alade is making my head swell big time! You go girl!!
To see the full exclusive music video of Best Day of My Life (#makethefuture campaign), just click the play button bellow.

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