Wilson’s Juice: Nigeria's First Fresh Lemonade


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] So many people go for the American dream, but the founders of Wilson’s Juice are of a different opinion. They believe that the Nigerian dream is alive, strong and valid. In their words to CNN, ‘In Nigeria, you can have a Naira and a dream’.
The Wilson’s Juice Company was created in 2010 with a starting capital of just ₦2000 ($10) by 2 brothers, Seyi and Seun Abolaji. This company has since turned to a very lucrative business for the brothers… [/dropcap]

Their story started from the usual comparison of present times to experience/information you had at childhood. In their case, Seyi and Seun had been told when they were young that everything in Nigeria is natural. To their dismay, such wasn’t the case when they returned to Nigeria. They found out that many of the branded drinks sold in Nigeria were made from concentrates and not the natural or fresh fruits they had imagined it will be like.

Seyi and Seun Abolaji founders of Wilson's Juice
Seyi and Seun Abolaji (founders of Wilson’s Juice)

Refusing to settle for less, the brothers took it upon themselves to start producing fresh and natural fruit juice. Seyi Abolaji, soon to be one of the co-founders of Wilson’s juice, went to a local market in the Western part of Nigeria, in Ogun State called Otta Market.
There, he bought a bag of oranges and a plastic hand juicer. His first sales point was the Covenant University where he sold orange juice and smoothies. Subsequently the business transitioned into lemonade production when he came across lemons on one of his market runs.
Wilson's Juice Old Fashion Lemonade
This is reminiscent of the popular saying, “When life gives you lemons make lemonades”.  The Abolaji brothers sure did and are reaping great benefits now. They are now based in Lagos and making millions from implementing the idea they had.
The little idea has grown to accommodate several production workers and distributors across the country. Seun Abolaji handles the company’s creative aspect of the company such as labeling, branding and so much more.
The Wilson’s Juice has since drawn lots of attention from far and wide. They have had their product mentioned on the likes of CNN, Forbes, NTA, CCTV Africa etc. The company now produces two different flavours of lemonades, the Old Fashioned Lemonade and Pink Lemonade.
Wilsons Juice Old Fashioned Lemonade and Pink Lemonade
We urge young Africans out there to tap into their own form of creativity and originality. Armed with determination and focus, we are limitless.
Watch the interview CNN had with the founders of Wilson’s Juice in the video below.

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