Vector Tha Viper – The #Lafiaji Experience


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Listening to Vector tha Viper talk about his Lafiaji experience makes you wonder about the heart of Lagos Island and what really goes on there to make him impassioned enough to name his album after it. [/dropcap]

We reached out to him for answers and he stated;
The album is named Lafiaji because that’s where it all began for me. Music and growth. It is broken down into stages of life. Life as experienced by Me, a man from Lafiaji.
Since leaving his former label the now defunct YSG, Vector has released a mixtape and several hit singles like Shiga, Kingkong, 8 and what’s that?
The highly anticipated ‘Lafiaji’ album would be his debut under GRAP music, his own record label.
The philosophy graduate from the University of Lagos is an award winning hiphop artiste renowned for his metaphors and wordplay which is how we know the album will be more than empty lyrics and cliche verses.
When we asked him what to expect from the Lafiaji album set to be released on the 20th of December 2016, he said;
Expect creativity. You will know more about me by listening to this album. It is more than just the music, it’s a collection and collation of thoughts, feelings and experiences
We absolutely can not wait! vectorthaviper the lafiaji experience, vector, bellafricana
Vector tha viper, whose real names are Olanrewaju Ogunmefun, has not only drawn our interests and attention to the erstwhile relatively unknown region called Lafiaji, he has also successfully created a full blown army of Lafiaji reps without media hype or solicitation.
These reps took over instagram a few months ago. The movement was epic, There were almost 5000 “L”s raised in support and anticipation of the album.
You don’t believe me?
Search #Lafiaji on instagram and be overwhelmed by the amount of feedback.
Inspired by the support, and to show his appreciation, Vector made a collage of everyone who threw their “L”s up and put them on the album cover.
Furthermore, here is some exciting news. Vectors Lafiaji Concert (#VLC2016) will hold on the 27th of December 2016, exactly 7 days after the album drops exclusively on arcadiamobiletv
vectorthaviper the lafiaji experience, vector, olanrewaju ogunmefun, bellafricana
Details on how to purchase tickets are on the flyer. 100% security guaranteed. See you there!
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