These Home Decors Are A Must Have


Hello Bellafricana family, I trust you are doing great. So, I went visiting a friend at her house and the home decors she had made me wonder if my place is a house or a building. No jokes oh, I just couldn’t stop staring. It got me wondering where I had missed it while decorating my house.

Luckily for me, she is not one of those who won’t let out their good life secret. And as a sharp babe that I am, I asked her to give me names of where she got her home decor from. When I kept asking about almost everything in her house, she decided to give me a full list. LOL!!

Anyway, I figured I might not be the only one in need of some house decor, keep scrolling to see the list I got.

Home Decor You Should Have


Think of it, having a mirror around the house gives it some kind magnificent feel and using these mirrors from Mitimeth would definitely give a good feel. Check this out;

Wall mirror by Mitimeth

Wall Mirror by Mitimeth

Flower Pots;

You can’t have a garden in your room but you can definitely have a flower pot as part of your home decor. Check this below

leaning pot by mitimeth home decor


Leaning Pot by Mitimeth


What is a home decor if there are no chairs? I am guessing you already know that the decor isn’t complete. So check out the lovely chairs below.

huta chair by Ethnik

HUTA Chair by ethnik

Okin chair by Ile.ila home decor

Okin Chair by Ile.Ila

Throw Pillows;

Is it just me or do they really give the house some warmth? You know, having something to hold onto while sitting. If you weren’t into them, I trust after seeing what I have below, you will be convinced. See below

Mitimeth throw pillow home decor

Throw Pillow by Mitimeth

adire lounge home decor

Throw Pillow by Adire Lounge

Table Mat;

Why leave your table without a cover when you can have a table mat? You didn’t know? Now you know, check below!

table mat by mitimeth

Table Mat by Mitimeth

Ok, that’s it from me to you, tell me if you make any changes to your home decor.


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