TALES: The African Lifestyle Experience – What to Expect!

TALES The African Lifestyle Experience by Bellafricana

If you are yet to read the full details about TALES: The African Lifestyle Experience by Bellafricana,

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Get Ready for the Ultimate Cultural Experience:


London City, this July, get ready for an immersive experience into the world of African creativity and Innovation.

Our annual Summer pop-up event has evolved for the better and I’m here to tell you all about it.

With a new and improved version called TALES, an acronym for The African Lifestyle Experience by Bellafricana.

(Something about the word “TALES” just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it…).

This milestone is an extremely exciting transformation for you and for me , how? As we open a window in the global market for talented African creative entrepreneurs in the fashion, beauty, art, food and lifestyle industries, attendees of this promising event are provided (on a platter of gold) a culture infused metaphorical meal with a side of fresh unique products with different stories to tell, right in the heart of London.


💌 YOU are cordially invited to come, shop, look around, take pictures, make videos, form new connections and have an amazing time surrounded by ART.  💌

Come experience Massassi B at TALES by Bellafricana


Event details: 

Date: July 4th – July 10th 2024

Time: 10am – 9pm Daily

Venue: Gallery Different, 14 Percy Street, London W1T1DR (near Oxford Street, off Tottenham Court Road).

RSVP for free, yes free using this link  

Make sure to mark your calendar so you don’t forget <3 …. Thank me later 😉



Summer is fast approaching and if you are anything like me you want to be outside, enjoying the beautiful weather, with some family & friends doing some pretty cool stuff. 

Well the first week of July 2024, Bellafricana has got you covered. TALES is a weeks long event centred on an immersive experience into the African innovative and artistic culture with 35+ brands to browse through, shop from and interact with. In this post, I’ll give you a sneak peek into what to expect at TALES.

Directions to this 7 day event (July 4th – July 10th) :

You can share this link with the people you’re inviting too for easy navigation, this one.

Look out for this building ⤵️

TALES by Bellafricana 2024 in London is set to hold at Gallery Different

We will be transforming Gallery DIFFERENT come July.

The African Lifestyle Experience TALES by Bellafricana happening at Gallery Different 14 Percy Street London



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A friendly trivia game, How many flags can you identify here?

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Fun fact: There are 54 countries in Africa, according to the United Nations, with a growing population of over 1.3 billion people. 1,300,000,000 beautiful people! 


The answer to this trivia will be revealed in next weeks blog, stay tuned. ✌🏼


Back to Business 🎬

What to Expect at TALES : The African Lifestyle Experience.

Come experience MOT The Label at TALES by Bellafricana

At TALES there would be 35+ creative entrepreneurs present for you to discover (Click here for an up-to-date list of the vendors that would be selling at TALES this July with their corresponding dates.)

We don’t want to give everything about the event away simply for the element of surprise but we sure are going to give a significant amount, for all the explorers. 

  1. Discover 35+ different handpicked brands each day showcasing a one-of-kind mix of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, art, and food products, highlighting the best of African creativity and innovation (click here to find out the days for each brand).
  2. Indulge in delicious food and drinks that showcase the rich culinary heritage of Africa.
  3. Join engaging sessions where creatives share their inspiring journeys, insights, and expertise, offering a unique glimpse into the world of African entrepreneurship.
  4. Collaborate with talented artists Kofo Nolla-Omidiran, Isaac Emokpae, and Mrs. Bukola Adenuga in dynamic and interactive doodle and paint sessions, bringing art to life. 
  5. Immerse yourself in a week-long celebration of African art, fashion, food, music, and lifestyle, reflecting the continent’s rich cultural heritage and diversity. 
  6. And So Much More !

If you are a/an;

  • Fashion Enthusiast
  • Passionate about Interior Design
  • Art or Culture Lover
  • Beauty and Self Care connoisseur

This summer event is for you, join us for a vibrant pop-up event that celebrates the best of African creativity and entrepreneurship.

Have I already mentioned this event is kid-friendly? Ok good, just checking.

TALES is a celebration of Africa’s creative spirit, and we want you to be a part of it. Whether you’re an avid supporter of African craftsmanship or simply curious to explore new cultures, TALES has something for everyone. 

Last year we had an amazing turn out with 21,000+ attendees. This year, we want to break that record and go even higher but we can’t do this without your help. So mark your calendars for July 4th-10th, and RSVP today to secure your spot at TALES: The African Lifestyle Experience, tickets are limited plus it’s already June, so hurry! Let’s create lasting memories and celebrate the true essence of the beautiful continent of Africa. We can’t wait to welcome you with open arms!                                                                                                          

You can RSVP for FREE using This Link Right Here.

Share this link with your group-chats, your families, maybe even some frenemies, everyone really.

Free entry | 35+ different small businesses to explore each day | Welcoming and friendly community | Great and genuine vibes | New and exclusive things to purchase | Handmade African inspired products | Network of creative entrepreneurs and industry experts.


If, for some weird reason, you’ve missed hearing about Bellafricana before now, allow us to introduce ourselves:

Bellafricana is more than just a platform; it’s a thriving community of African creatives dedicated to supporting and empowering entrepreneurs in the arts & crafts, fashion, beauty, and home & living industries. Led by our visionary CEO, Bukky Asehinde, we’ve been championing African creativity for over a decade, providing the right business support and structure for our members to thrive in a global market. Essentially, we want to see African creative entrepreneurs win internationally.

At Bellafricana, our mission is clear: to be the premier destination for buyers worldwide seeking quality African-made/inspired products. We uphold the highest standards of business ethics and integrity in every interaction with our members, customers, partners, and employees. Through our dedication to excellence, we not only drive economic progress in Africa but also inspire others to contribute to the continent’s development and social advancement.

We understand the importance of business management in creative enterprises, which is why we provide valuable resources and insights on how to navigate a fluctuating economy. Most importantly, we chronicle African creative culture through the distinctive perspective of Africans for a global target audience. 

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the world, starting with Africa. 

In summary: Bellafricana is more than just a platform; it’s a vibrant community where African creativity flourishes. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a buyer, or simply passionate about African culture, there’s a place for you here. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to empower African creatives and showcase the beauty of our continent to the world.

Cue outro for the final lap of this article.




As we come to the end of this read, I thought it best to conclude with this.

TALES is more than just a pop up event happening in London July 4th-10th 2024 – it’s a movement that empowers African creatives, promotes cultural exchange and celebrates the continents rich diversity. By attending, you’ll be part of something big; a community that is shaping the future of African creativity and entrepreneurship. 

Get Your Tickets Now – you don’t want to miss out on this unforgettable experience, secure your spot today and be part of the ultimate cultural celebration!

You can RSVP for FREE using THIS LINK.

We at Bellafricana look forward to welcoming you to TALES: The African Lifestyle Experience! 

On that note, see you at TALES. 

Bye for now. 

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