Discover Some Healthy Snacks And Food For You

This blog post is dedicated to showing you healthy snacks and food for yourself, family, friends and loved ones. Simply because, your health and that of those around you is of concern to Bellafricana. You are probably thinking to yourself why is that a concern?

Well, if you are reading this, you are definitely a Bellafricana community member and we care.

Now let’s go back to the post, shall we? This blog post ‘healthy snacks and food was inspired by my conversation with my mum. So, my mum clocked 40 not too long ago and oh my, every time she is given a snack or food she considers ‘unhealthy’, she reminds me of her age.

God help me when she is 50 and above. This my dear reader has not been the easiest. Now, I am all about healthy snacks, food, and the likes. As you can relate, it is not the easiest, and your girl has been all up researching for healthy snacks to save the day.

If you are not 40 yet, lucky you but then, health is wealth. So, here I am with some well-researched snacks and food to save you the hustle.

Keep scrolling to see some;

Healthy snacks and food 

Bounties Honey;

The next question in your mind is, ‘is honey a food?’ Well, according to nutritionists, Honey is a sweet, viscous food substance produced by bees and some related insects. Also, honey is used as a substitute of sugar to sweeten meals. That as well makes it a consumable and a very important one.

And like every other thing that goes into the body weather as food or drink, it should of good quality. This is why I trust Bounties Honey. Bounties honey is 100% organic honey for a healthy living. Click here for more details;


Healthy snacks and food


A little different from the every day fruit but gives the same nutrient and easier for you to pack as lunch for school or work. Dried fruit is made by taking the water out of the fruit by sun drying or using a special machine called a dehydrator. Since the water is removed during drying, this also means that the natural sugars in the fruit are concentrated. For this, SacFruit is Bellafricana verified, check them out here.Healthy food and snacks

Happy Coffee;

Before you go about how coffee is not a food or snacks, allow me explain that for most people, coffee makes up the first meal of the day . This is because it helps the brain and mind stay alert and ready for the day. So, it is important that our coffee is healthy, hence it is included in our healthy snacks and food for you. To stay healthy on this, I recommend Happy Coffee for your everyday coffee needs. To read up on its importance, click here.

Healthy food and snacks

Shaun’s  Pops;

This is a personal favorite. You know when the need to satisfy your sweet tooth comes in. Well, you should try Shaun’s Pops. It is a handcrafted gourmet delicious ice pops using seasonal fresh fruits sourced locally. All Natural. No Sugar added, No water added, Just fruits and Vegetables, Suitable for kids and adults of all ages. For more on this, click here.

healthy snacks and food

There you go, some healthy snacks to keep you and your loved ones fit always.

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