Meet Yelloseesee Uwaoma "The Inkllustrator" | Exclusive Interview

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] I had the opportunity to meet this talented young man at the Creative Focus event I attended last year. It was almost as though we have met before, as he was friendly and humorous. His name is Yelloseesee (and no it’s not a nickname,  he mentioned) Uwaoma, a professional IT Engineer turned artist. An artist who creates classic ink arts using regular pen. Let’s meet him…[/dropcap]

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Meet The Founder of ST Colours | Exclusive Interview

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] I’m excited to introduce this young lady with the name Stephanie Obi to you all. I had connected with Stephanie over a year ago and we were just bbm friends (you know one of those friends you have on Blackberry messenger that you just keep seeing their recent updates but never holla, yes) LOL. It wasn’t until recently I spoke to Stephanie and the conversation lasted for almost an hour (pure intimate business gist). It felt like we had been friends for long. Stephanie is the founder of “St Colours”. Let’s meet her… [/dropcap]

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Spotlight Wednesday | Muraina Oyelami

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Chief Muraina Oyelami is a man of two worlds, popularly known as a master painter a great performing artist in music and theatre. He is a product of the famous Oshogbo Art Movement initiated by Professor Ulli Beier and his wife Georgina Beier. In 1964, he started his career as an artist. He studied technical theatre and specialized in theatre design at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, where he later taught traditional music from 1975 to 1987.[/dropcap]Continue reading

Meet Opemipo Ogunyemi "The Shoe Crafter" | Exclusive Interview

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] This young man right here is an entrepreneur with a great passion for shoe crafting. I met him at Creative focus, a competition for entrepreneurs I was fortunate to attend in year 2014. You’ll be surprised the number of talents we have in Africa, but not to worry the Bellafricana team will bring them to you one at a time. Lets meet him; [/dropcap]

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Meet Folarin Falana "The Rapper" | Exclusive Interview

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] For all those who know Folarin aka Falz the Bahd Guy, I’m sure you must agree with me at his level of humility and humor. I met Falz a couple of years ago through one his awesome sisters, Foladele Falana. Falz is the son of the popular respected lawyer Femi Falana. He is a Barrister with a strong passion for music and entertainment. He is an upcoming artist, who is very loved by today’s youths. I was so interested to hear his story, so I thought to share with you on the digest. [/dropcap]

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Meet The Founder Of Ty-Tys | Exclusive Interview

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]  The first time I was opportuned to meet Mr Bayo Ademiluyi (founder of Ty-tys) was at the Chevron (Afro-centric) bazaar. It was so random as one of the Bellafricana team had just posted an article about Ty-tys which caught my attention. Mr Ademiluyi is very jovial, down to earth and talented of course. I couldn’t help but interview him to hear the story of how Ty-tys came about. [/dropcap]

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The Frick Collection

Timeless. Regal. Exclusive.

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]These were the first thoughts that came to mind, as I gazed upon the infamous Rembrandt self portrait that graced the walls of The Frick Collection. Yup! Another day, another museum to visit. [/dropcap]

It felt surreal to be in such a place, being able to view exquisite masterpieces that had been hand-selected by Henry Clay Frick himself.

It should be stated at this point that I once had the opportunity of visiting The Frick Collection, but had prioritized my painting sessions over it. Looking back now, making the time out to visit would have done a world of good.

The Frick Collection is located at East 70th Street, New York. A sizeable expanse fenced and gated, surrounded by trees and green. Not a bad first impression at all. It is widely known to have a wonderful collection of paintings, sculptures, furniture and silverware.

The inside is absolutely stunning! Luxurious carpets, delicate embellished curtains, and spectacular furniture cordoned off by ropes. Not to mention, the remarkable paintings and sculptures that grace the walls and rooms.Continue reading


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