Stella Jean is a rising fashion designer with Haitian origins. She was born in Rome and her father is from Turin. She has gained some major followership for some of her other collections, majorly from last season at the Armani Teatro. 

Since gaining the nods of some of those who are the masters in the fashion world, she hasn’t looked back. Her latest collection the Stella Jean Fall 2014 collection was majorly inspired by Africa, at least that is clearly seen in her good use of the African Wax Print, at 98% of the 30 piece collection had Ankara, if not the whole collection. The odd thing majorly about the collection is that there were very few black or brown models (just 2) on the catwalk wearing the outfits. It might have just being her own a way of appealing and selling to more variety of fashionistas, be it white, brown, black or yellow. Anyways pretty soon like they normally do, the Ankara Wax Print might soon lose its African Identity, with the European laying claim to it one way or the other.

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ST 7

 Source: http://www.stellajean.it/stella-jean.html

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