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[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Speak Awards Africa, an annual celebration of brands that have excelled in the creative arts industry, makes its entry into Ghana’s space with its launch on the 23rd of September and the main event from November 29th to December 1st, 2017, at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Accra. [/dropcap]

The awards will be the climax of a 2-day stakeholder conference and exhibition with participants from the Ministry of Culture and Creative Arts, Finance and investment corporations, sales and marketing agencies, branding experts as well as artists in the budding creative industry of Africa.
“This event brings finality to many identified challenges which have continued to breed huge frustrations among creative artists and other related players”, says Mr Kwame Raj Dzakapsu, CEO of BBL Consult, the organisers.
“Over the years, the creative industry has witnessed a wide gap between production and marketing of cultural products. While filmmakers lament the inertia that has hit the movie industry, musicians bemoan the inability of the industry to move African music to the ears of the world”.
BBL Consult is a professional sales and marketing company, which manages the tasks, projects and processes that help organizations communicate, sell and position their services and products to their target audience.
For further information:
Visit: www.speakawardsafrica.com
Call: +233 274901177 or +233 553698246
Email: [email protected]
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