Post Bellafricana Recognition Event 2022

Bellafricana Recognition Event Winners 2022

As expected, the first-ever held Bellafricana recognition event came with its glitz and glamor. With the high turn out, the members of the community came out in full to support each other as well as grace the occasion. It also came with several emotions and feelings as the members expressed their love and affection towards how much Bellafricana has impacted their various businesses.

bellafricana recognition award

The Bellafricana community platform has done greatly in providing succour and support to its members since its inception, from providing use resources for business growth, great opportunities as regarding business, financial supports in form of grants, increased visibility and a lot more. Bellafricana has been a lifesaver and a shoulder to lean on for most creative entrepreneurs. You want to join? click here to become a member.

Meanwhile, back to our recognition event, these 3 days virtual event which kick started on the 27th of October and drew its curtains on the 29th of October. It was super loaded with amazing guest speakers who shared their grass to grace stories, awards, and mind blowing testimonies.

Day one of the event featured the grand opening where members where taught methods of gaining brand visibility and credibility using the ASAP model (Association, speaking, awards and publication). This session was anchored by Michelle Raymond, (CEO, the people’s partners), she spoke on the theme ‘The psychology of being a business owner and how to deal with heat”. This is an eye opener for the members as they learnt how to keep their business running even in economic hard times and downtimes.

bellafricana recognition award

Day two also featured amazing activity with its theme on “celebrating success in tough times”, this session as well showcased the different ways and approaches entrepreneurs could adopt in business.

bellafricana recognition award

Then came day three, the highlight of the recognition events. This day was very thrilling and captivating, I can boldly say I learnt a lot on day 3, it reminds me of the saying, “the best is saved for the last”. This session had in it different discussion on “Increasing streams of income” for business and several investment platform one can venture into. This session was held by Mrs Temi Ajibewa (a personal branding coach).

Another discussion on “How to prepare and position your minds for the future ahead” by Mr Lanre Basamta (mentor and author).

bellafricana recognition award

The community members shared their experiences as members of Bellafricana. According to the CEO of Yasmin craft, who talked about how she made use of the grant opportunities and resources on the platform to expand her business. Awards were given to well deserving members of the platform;

  1. The most exceptional founder and resourceful member went to Princess Adeyinka of Happy Coffee
  2. The most active and promising member went to Doyinmola Olajoye of Dhoney NG
  3. The most supportive member went to Mrs Serifat Davies of Sisi Aladire

Bellafricana is bent on growing young and enterprising creative business owners as well as seeing to their expansion and growth. Many of the members have testified to the great impact it has had on them within and outside the country. Join the community to get exceptional testimonies on your brand. Click to see the full list of recognition winners 2022 and founding members.

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