Personalized Gifts For Christmas In 2019


It is no longer news that with Christmas comes more food, drinks, and loads of gifts. Gifts from mum, dad, sister, brother, and lots of other loved ones will be flying in the air but the gifts that will definitely stand out are those personalized gifts.

There is something about personalized gifts that makes it so special and close to the heart. I mean, imagine getting a plain shirt versus getting a shirt with your name or picture inscribed on it, which would you never want to lose? Yeah, yeah, you love the two but one calls you more because it is personalized.

Hence, on this post, I will be sharing with you some really cool personalized gift ideas for friends and family this season. You don’t want to miss it, so keep reading to see;

Personalized Throw Pillows;

Did you know you can get a throw pillow with the name or picture of your loved one on it? If you didn’t know, lucky you, now you know. If you knew already, have given this out as a Christmas gift? If you haven’t, this is me telling you that you should consider it and wow friends and family in this season of love.

Customized throw pillow for christmas gift idea

Throw Pillow From Pillow Talk Naija

Call: +2348181890113

Personalized Christmas Card;

Gone are the are the days when you needed to walk up to a store searching for a card with special words or picture for your loved one. Now, you can simply have your card designed and personalized for you. Isn’t that amazing?

Christmas Card as a christmas gift idea

Customized Card From Not Just Pulp

WhatApp: +2348177322184

Personalized Shirt; If you watch football, you must have noticed that behind every jersey of a player, they have their names written behind. For this Christmas, you can have the names of your loved one behind and present to them as a gift. You can bet they would be so excited.  Keep reading to see a picture below;

Personalized gift item from Mmabon

Customized Tshirt From Mmabon

Call: 0803 724 7378

Personalized Tote Bags; Tote bags are slowly becoming a fashion statement and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to rock this with loved ones. So, get a personalized bag for yourself and a friend this Christmas.

Tote Bag From Mimiremitextiles

Hand Printed Tote Bag From Mimiremi Textiles

Call: 08034898474

I do hope that with this, you have a better understanding of what to get family members for Christmas.

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