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[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Lisiane, the founder, draws her inspiration from her multicultural background; born in Gabon (Central Africa), and growing up in South of France, Lisiane now finds herself living in London, having moved to England in 2006.  These three countries have defined who she is today and, inspired by her background and experience of these very different cultures, Lilie Design was brought to life.  [/dropcap]

Having worked in the field of marketing in London for the past four years, Lisiane decided to pursue her passion for design and home décor by creating her own company specialising in discovering the beautiful designs of African craftspeople.  Her passion for home décor has been passed to her by her mother, an interior decorator, with an eye for exquisite and unusual objects. She taught Lisiane how to create a beautiful home with a personal touch.

A curiosity for new things and a desire to draw on the cultures, which have inspired her, allows Lisiane to continue her passion for blending African craftsmanship with interior design within Lilie Design.

I am a ‘Citoyen du Monde’, as I can feel totally happy to be in a fast paced, modern city like in London and then go to Gabon, where I relax and enjoy the quiet atmosphere. I like being close to nature. -Lisiane Ndong 2013

Lilie Design offers a range of luxury contemporary home décor and textiles with a global appeal, with each product being handmade in Africa using traditional techniques and craftsmanship. Lilie Design delivers a unique mix of contemporary décor and textiles to enhance modern lifestyle. Working with artisans who produce a remarkable range of beautiful products using locally sourced, natural materials; they bring a new contemporary urban twist to the rich cultural heritage of Africa.

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