Did You Miss The Garri Made In India?


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Each passing day reminds me of what Bellafricana stands for, bringing quality Made-in-Nigeria (Africa) businesses to the forefront of the market and bridging the buyer-seller gap.
Sometimes few months ago, in February, this garri in the image above went viral across various social media channels in Nigeria. Truth is, I’m not even sure whether it’s made in India or Made in Asia. Nevertheless, it felt like an emotional roller coaster ride.
Here I was, feeling like a detective whilst I watched Nigerians lament out loud. I stood in the shadows burying my head in shame as this product had me thinking of just one sentence ‘Bukky, you have a lot of work to do’. [/dropcap]

My thought out loud was; but why so mad though and act like you never expected it. I thought to ask my fellow Nigerians, as it indeed seemed as though, a lightning struck hard in Nigeria.
As all of this kept going on in the media, I had 5 top light bulb moments of questions;

  1. How I wish quality products Made-in-Nigeria could go viral the same way this garri went viral.
  2. How can people still think there is no ‘change’ happening in Nigeria? I doubt this reaction towards this garri would have been the case 4 years ago in this same economy. I bet the garri would have stayed in the minds of some few activists. People are looking inwards, yippee!
  3. Rather than complain about the garri in supermarkets, what are you doing to ensure the garri made-in-Nigeria is in as many supermarkets?
  4. Are Nigerians actually capable of feeding the masses (capable yes); are they ready to manufacture garri to feed the masses (ready, no)? Will they ever be ready (someday in the next 2 generations, yes maybe).
  5. Is Bellafricana ready to wait it out and aggressively make Made-in-Nigeria (Africa) products a way of life and globally accessible. Oh yes yes! Is it going to be easy, NO NO NO!

Then it hit me, why sit there covering my head in shame when I should be thanking producers of TRS made in India garri for bringing such products to the Nigerian market to stir up the creative/ innovative spirits of Nigerians.
Maybe, just maybe this will make more Nigerians look inwards and start producing more products that are valuable, can cater for the nation, can motivate/inspire the nation and possibly restore the wealth of the nation.
This then brings me to the first of its kind event Bellafricana will be hosting on the 17th of April, 2017 called the African Creative Exhibition and Awards (termed ACE Awards). An initiative to celebrate the creative works of Nigerians (Africans), with a goal to encourage more talents to look inwards (be original) and create more globally acceptable brands.
Read: Bellafricana African Creative Exhibition and Awards
I don’t intend to brag, but Bellafricana is making plans to make this pioneer event, as impactful as possible. Big thanks to our gold sponsor Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC), our endorsers Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC), Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce (NACC), Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Nigeria-Britain Association, all our sponsors and partners.
I can’t thank you enough for giving us the chance to make this laudable cause come through.
Rather than moan and join the band wagon of people making this TRS garri sold in Nigeria famous, join us in celebrating creatives in Nigeria (Africa), taking it one African Country at a time.
The decision is yours to choose!
We can’t do this alone, but together we can! Don’t just read this article, share it.
See you at Bellafricana ACE Awards 2017..
Theme: “Celebrating Creativity and Innovation”
Date: April 17, 2017
Venue: D-Venue, Water Corporation Drive, Off Ligali Ayorinde, Oniru, Lagos, Nigeria.
Time for Exhibition: 10 – 4pm
Time for Awards Dinner: 5 – 9pm
For partnership and sponsorship details, please contact the organisers;
Call: +2348086363970 or +2348184457403
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Bellafricana ACE Awards 2017 Flyer

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