Fashion on The Rise in Nigeria: AFWN 2016 Highlights


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Fashion in Nigeria is gaining more traction than ever. The everyday outing is no longer taken as before.
Now both women & men go the extra mile to look fashionable. Even children are being encouraged to show their fashion prowess at an early age.
As the need to be fashionable increases, so have the designers and stylists increased their creative use of local fabrics.
The Ankara fabric has been the one receiving more attention. Although more designers are beginning to shift to the Yoruba Aso Oke fabric. The African Fashion Week Nigeria (AFWN) was no exception, as a higher percent of designers that showcased at the event used the Ankara fabrics and other African prints in their pieces. [/dropcap]

Tiannahstyling Fashion Academy AFWN 2016 highlights on Bellafricana
Credit: TiannahStyling Fashion Academy


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It’s so amazing the way the African fabrics are being incorporated into western designs. Our designers are not backing down, the intensity of creativity is refreshing.
I am proud to say one of our Bellafricana Verified creative businesses, Addict by PawPrint‘s BlingShiiki was worn by Pulse TVs Chuey Chu on the red carpet. Also there was a lovely showcase and runway action by Morin O, the Nigerian made quality leather bags company.

Bellafricana Verified Addict by PawPrint's BlingShiiki on AFWN2016 Red Carpet | Fashion
Chuey Chu of Pulse TV rocking BlingShiiki made by Bellafricana Verified merchant, Addict by PawPrint

Morin O and Nike from Bellafricana at African Fashion Week Nigeria 2016
Nike from Bellafricana and Morin O at African Fashion Week Nigeria

So here’s a call to creative Afrocentric (African made) businesses with quality products to get their businesses Bellafricana verified. Follow this LINK for easy steps to follow.
As a Nigerian and lover of Afrocentric works I was especially wowed by the bead work showcased by a budding bead maker Esteem Beauty.
The array of designs showcased at the AFWN2016 will whet the appetite of more fashion enthusiasts to explore newer looks.
This gives us something to look out for when the students come up with there fashion show come August. I’m really looking forward to the direct our young designers will take this year.
You can read about the upcoming event here
Love to see more? Here are some pictures from the AFWN 2016
AFWN 2016 highlights on Bellafricana | Fashion
OBA Olowo of Iwo Land ( KING)

Signature Secret at AFWN 2016 | Fashion
Signature Secret at AFWN 2016

Detachable Agbada by Tiannah Styling | Fashion

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