Ahead of Nigeria’s Independence day celebration (October 1st), Eclectic 21 Productions has released a 2D Animation of Poetry masterpiece titled “Motherland”


Unveiled on the 20th of September, Motherland is a three minute long performance showcasing the vast cultural heritage/ icons, and mineral resources that abound in our great Nation- Nigeria. Put together by Thespian (Oluchi Odii), an Illustrator (Kenny Da Vinci),  and a renowned Poet (Ayo Ogundipe), it combines the talents of theatre, animation and Poetry. A stunning masterpiece if you ask me.

Here’s what Eclectic 21 says about “Motherland”:


“The Motherland animation tells a story – capturing the experience of a corper (Ayo Ogundipe) during his NYSC service year who had a moment of epiphany while questioning the subject of National identity, pride and patriotism and what all these meant to him.


During this soul-searching mission while doing research on the political and cultural history of Nigeria, he came to the realisation of how blessed the land he called home is – His Motherland – famed with cult heroes of legendary status like Sango, Queen Idia, Fela – royalties in their own rights. Also, the human capital potential of its citizenry, the songs of patriotism that ring true of notable Nigerian women who have served the nation with distinction in civil service and private practice – not to mention the abundance of mineral resources and that have been largely under-utilised.


The use of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) gives room for imagination and talent to recreate this experience – that moment of epiphany – in a colourful storytelling imagery. One that teleports the viewer into this virtual world of animation, with compelling graphics and musical score.


Motherland is an ode to a nation – A befitting tribute to the story of Nigeria’s greatness. A charge to the sleeping giant of Africa to awake and live up to its true potential as we commemorate the 60th Independence anniversary of our great nation – Nigeria”

Check out a video of the Performance below:

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