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[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Who says you have to leave the country or break the bank to enjoy your honeymoon? How many places do you know or  have you visited in Africa? Hmm! Africa is even too big, lets talk about Nigeria, in fact Lagos. Everyone thinks Lagos is the place to just hustle and make money. You got it wrong my dear, because little did you know that inside that busy city called Lagos is packed with some exotic honeymoon destinations you can ever think or imagine. Today, we would pick one of the destinations to talk about and the lucky one is La Manga Luxury Beach Villas.[/dropcap]


La Manga Luxury Beach Villas offers you that tranquility you have been looking for during the course of your marriage preparation. I can imagine the stress of preparing for marriage, even if you hire a wedding planner, there is this everyday thought that could make you get stressed out. At La Manga Luxury Beach Villas you get to enjoy free unpolluted sea breeze blowing from the Atlantic Ocean on the beautiful and charming Island of Ilashe.



La Manga Beach Resort is located on the island of Ilashe in Lagos. Surrounded by coconut palm trees and some natural features you don’t get to see on a daily basis with its irresistible coastlines to envy. It borders the Badagry creek, you get to the beach with approximately 15 minutes boat ride from Ikoyi and Victoria Island. The beach resort is known for its luxurious villas which are tastefully furnished.



The facilities at La Manga facilities includes lavished suite with rooftop Jacuzzi and private lounge, beachfront living room with open lounge, open-air gazebo for dinning and lounging, beachfront bamboo canopies for relaxation, mini-golf course, beach volleyball court, and quad bikes. Water sport activities such as jet ski and boat cruise can be arranged upon request.


swimming pool at la manga

There is no pleasant feeling than waking up to an uninterrupted sounds of breeze and the gentle waves on the beach!

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