TeamFest Africa is providing the right environment for all businesses to sell and connect with their customers in this year’s all African Business Festival/Expo holding from August 7-9 at the Cricket Ground of Tafawa Balewa Square Lagos, Nigeria. 

Learn from the very best in different industries and grow your business massively. The biggest exhibition festival allowing businesses to showcase their crafts in an overwhelming party atmosphere.
This annual business festival focuses on showcasing and galvanizing the immeasurable importance of good leadership and team building among African organizations as it exposes them to the following;
1. Connect: with potential business ideas and customers all over Africa.
2. Exhibit: to over 5000 participants and investors. Get hired: by over 200 participating companies and agencies.
3. Learn: from Masters in different Industries, including world renowned business strategist from the UK.
4. Unite: with people that need what they have and have what they need Grow: their businesses and themselves.
Participating businesses from Ghana, Kenya and South Africa are expected to join in these three day activity.
The various packages include;
The N10, 000 for Single Person: Shared hub with a good space
The N50, 000 for SMEs: Shared hub with massive space.
The N500, 000 package for Corporate Organizations : Own your own large hub and attract far more prospects
Specifically designed for Corporate bodies, SMEs, Young professionals and entrepreneurs; participants who want to explore this opportunity are directed to register on the site www.teamfestafrica.com
Team Fest Africa - Bellafricana

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