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Jeff Bezos' Top 10 Rules To Success in 2019

If you don't know Jeff Bezos, then you have been living under the rock especially if you are an entrepreneur. Jeff

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Bellafricana partners with Nest Cooperative to launch a Fund to Scale for Creative MSMEs in Nigeria

What was once a DREAM at Bellafricana to have a financial partner has now become a REALITY. Signed, sealed and

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Opray Winfrey's 10 Rules For Success

As we prepare to round off the year, let’s learn from an entrepreneur, philanthropist and talk show host, Oprah

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Lagos State Employment Trust Fund Awards Entrepreneurs In Nigeria


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Organic Life Plus Presents; The Life Style, Shop and Sip

You are specially invited to the Lifestyle Shop & Sip pop up event, brought to you by Organic Life Plus and

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Steve Jobs 10 Rules For Success

You have probably heard that experience is the best teacher, and like many, you hope for experiences that would

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6 Ways To Care For Your Natural Hair

Let's talk natural hair and how to care for them. It’s no secret that when the hair is not well maintained or taken

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6 Gift Ideas For Your Boss

Gift ideas for your boss can be tasking and sometimes very tiring. You don't want to be too informal and get a gift

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Michelle Obama's 10 Rules For Success

As you go through your journey to fulfilling greatness or shall I say success, it is very important to know and surround yourself with people that inspire you. One of the key people that inspire me are the Obamas, in this case they don’t surround me, however, I follow them very closely from a distance.
I was very glad to have stumbled on this top 10 Rules for success stated by Michelle Obama collated by Evan Carmichael. In the spirit of entrepreneurship, I thought to share these top 10 rules given by Michelle Obama.


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Meet The Founder Of Ile Ila #Exclusive Interview

Hey there! It's been a minute. I just checked the date of my last published article and I myself was wowed! But

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