Detail Africa Briefcases
Detail Africa Briefcases

Hi! Do you know that a lot of us have been doing some things wrong when it comes to caring for our handbags? I was guilty of some of these “Bag care Sins” but now I know better. I will be sharing them with you soon, but while I am doing that, feel free to browse through some beautiful handbags by Bellafricana Members. Are you ready? Let’s get started:



Oba couture bag
Oba Couture’s embossed leather bags

View More by Oba  Couture here

Sin #1. Keeping your Bag in the Box:

I know you love staring at your bags in their little boxes, sitting pretty. But leather cracks when there is no air. Imagine sitting in a choked up place without ventilation. That’s exactly how your bag feels. What you can do instead is to put them in drawstring bags to avoid dust settling on them, as well as preserve the fabric.

Miraoma bag set
Miraoma bag set

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Sin #2. Using your blow-dryer to air out a wet bag:

If you notice a water spill, using a blow-dryer, or any other form of heat that isn’t natural, can cause serious damage to your bag. So, why not allow it air out naturally? Remember not to also put it out in direct sunlight. Instead, store them in a cool, dry place.

Morin-o bag
Morin-o bags

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Sin #3. Not Stuffing the bag when not in use:

Bags tend to lose their form or shape when empty. This period when most of your bags will not be in much use, you can stuff them with a mass of clean clothes, or throwpillows to help retain the shape.

oeclat belt bag
oeclat belt bag

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Sin #4. Hanging your bags: 

How many of us are guilty of this? Putting a bag up by the handles can cause the handles to lose shape, or even crack. If your bags have been out-living their handles, this may be a reason why.

Ethnik Utu bag
Ethnik Utu bag

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So, there you have it! I hope you have learnt a thing or two from this, and trust you will repent from your “Bag Care sins” (if guilty)🤣

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