5 things to consider before joining an entrepreneurial Community


You know, we now have a lot of communities out there who say that they have ALL the solutions for entrepreneurs. You do not want to be a part of those people who part with their money and DO NOT get any value in return.

Here are 5 quick things you must consider before joining them:

What’s their track-record? : You need to know how long they have existed, their most important milestones and their most formidable results.

Which industry leaders are they associated with? : A community’s network is one of the most important values you can ever get. You need to constantly ask yourself which industry leaders they are associated with.

What are the people within their community currently saying? : Testimonials are very important. They prove that there is value being dished out. Ensure that the testimonials match up with the aspirations you have for your business.

Do they react quickly to feedback? : Assess how well they listen to feedback. This would tell you how important they take growth and how fast they are willing to evolve.

Would they help in solving your most crucial business challenges: Look at their value propositions, would it solve your crucial problems like: making more sales, reducing your costs, etc.

With these indicators you would be able to know what to expect when you join the community. Here are some of things I think you should know about Bellafricana:

Bellafricana has a track-record of helping creative businesses grow from point zero to a business exporting to customers in different parts of the world. We have done this for over four years.

We have a formidable association with industry leaders like the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, The Lagos State Chamber of Commerce, The Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce, etc. A lot of members within our community have said that they have benefited immensely from the masterclasses and business resources that we put together for them on a regular basis.

We listen a lot to feedback and most of our community activities are feedback driven. Our community constantly does the following for entrepreneurs within our community: seal partnerships that help reduce your operational costs, provide guidance on how to make more sales, etc.

We can tell you want to join the network of domestic and international creative entrepreneurs that are members of the Bellafricana community. Yay! That is a very smart choice!

Click on this link to see all the membership packages available and how you can get onboard. To make things easy, you can call Seun on this number +234-909-367-0222 (He would help you through the onboarding process as well).


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