You will love this AfroEmoji App's 'African-Themed' Stickers


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] I randomly stumbled on this article via facebook from of these creative AfroEmoji App’s ‘African Themed’ Stickers and thought to share. Afro Emoji is free to download on Google Play and the iTunes App Store. It includes 50 complimentary character stickers with an option to purchase 300 additional stickers for $1.99. [/dropcap]

I totally love them, and I’m sure you will too. I am so downloading mine…
Afro-Emoji-sticker-14-bellafricana digest
Afro-Emoji-sticker-7-Bellafricana digest
Big girlz Afro-Emoji-sticker-14-bellafricana digest
Afro-Emoji-sticker-14-bellafricana digest
Afro-Emoji-sticker-3-Bellafricana digest
Afro-Emoji-sticker-5-Bellafricana digest
Afro-Emoji-sticker-10-Bellafricana digest
Afro-Emoji-sticker-14-bellafricana digest
Afro emoji Afro-Emoji-sticker-14-bellafricana digest
Afro-Emoji-sticker-8-Bellafricana digest
Afro-Emoji-sticker-13-belalfricana Afro-Emoji-sticker-15-bellafricana digest
I am totally in love with these African theme stickers by Afro Emoji

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