Tips For Climbing "The Mountain Of Death’


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Are you strong? Do you want an adventure of a lifetime? Then climbing the Mountain of Death otherwise known as Gangirwal Mountain is the sure stake to sooth this desire. The Gangirwal Mountain is the tallest Mountain in Nigeria and probably in West Africa (i.e. If Cameroun is excluded from West Africa). The mountain seats in Taraba state in the farthest part of Gashaka Gumpti Park. The Mountain is also in proximity to the Cameroun border. [/dropcap]

The walk is gruelling but the ultimate goal is to get to the peak of the tallest mountain in Nigeria which is 2,419 metres (7963 ft) tall. The aerial view is overwhelming. It is a view of a life time!, Africa’s No 1 Hotel Booking Portal offers tips on how to survive climbing the Mountain of Death.




Navigating through an unfamiliar or unknown terrain could be very complicated. Hence, it is very important for mountaineers to do extensive research on the destination. Your research must be focused on security, the route of the trek (Serti, Gashaka village, Kwano, and Gwamwam river), the people (their culture), language (if you don’t understand Hausa, you need an interpreter), route trackers and knowledgeable guides. This will ensure that there will be no hiccups during the adventure!


Don’t overload yourself with weight. This rollicking adventure to Gangirwal Mountain could take as much as 5 to 6 days. Thus, only pack useful things like backpack, small first aid kit, tent, pocket knife, compass, GPS, water, sleeping bag, cooking supplies and enough food. It will be very tough to ascend if there is too much weight on you.


Mountain climbing is not for the feeble minded. You have to be mentally strong if you want to survive this walk. As earlier said, this mountain is located in the remotest part of Gashaka. Therefore, you can only imagine the degree of energy required to get to the zenith of the mountain. Perhaps, you should walk-out every day before you go on the adventure.  It is not a simple task, you have to be physically and mentally fit.



It is important that the climbing party stay together during the walk. You don’t want to get lost during the trek because you are wandering. Thus, recommends that the idea of strolling alone must be shelved. Staying together is one of the best survival tips for mountain climbing.


During this work, there will inescapably be a point when you will feel like giving up everything, packing your bag and going back home. You begin to question the essence of the odyssey. Well, the best the party can do is to encourage and motivate you to carry on. Saying some encouraging words would help. The goal is getting to the top of the mountain!


Rest can’t be underestimated during mountaineering. The team must rest at regular interval to eat, sleep and relax. This will help them regain lost energy.


The adventure team mustn’t forget to track the walk route so that it will be easier for them to find their way back to Gashaka Village. Therefore, a professional tracker familiar with the route must be part of the team.


The view is simply breathtaking and stunning! The Mountain of death gives you a spectacular view of Taraba, Adamawa and Cameroun as far as you can see. You can have a picnic and take pictures on the highest peak in Nigeria. At this moment, you can call it the mountain of life!


Descending from the mountain is quite stress-free. It is not as vicious as ascending. Here, the tracker will lead the way. One of the things you have to do after the climb is to book an appointment with your Doctor.

Happy Reading and happy climbing…

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