Wearing the same outfit to the office can get boring at some point; not to mention that we sometimes run out of clothes to wear, and having to decide what to wear again, every single day from our conventional office outfits can be frustrating. As a 9-5 worker myself, I just want to throw my hoodie on a nice pair of comfortable shorts, wear my slippers, cross my bag and head to work. Unfortunately, that’s a poor choice of outfit and I would probably lose my job.

The office isn’t exactly a place to show off your fashion skills and dress over the top but when you work in a big organization, you’re required to dress your best and look as presentable as possible. It’s worthy to note that fashion at the work place isn’t for females alone, as we love seeing our men dressed in a nice two or three piece designer suit.

Take away the conventional skirt, blouse/blazer and pair of flats for women, as well as the conventional black, brown or jean trouser, button-up shirt and boring polished shoes for men, you can take your office outfit from normal to creative whilst dressed in pure African made clothing, looking as elegant as possible.

So then, how can you spice up your office outfit without looking like you are going for a James Bond movie premier? I have selected a few office-worthy outfits from verified Bellafricana members for both  men and women to give you that office outfit inspiration.


I don’t know if it’s just me but there’s something “normal” about seeing female office workers dressed in skirt/pant suit, a blouse/blazer (usually black/navy blue), matched with a pair of flats. I mean, normal is boring and we see/wear those outfits everyday! You don’t have to be an American or work in America to dress like a fashion guru to the work place, and you don’t need to break the bank to do so either. You also don’t need to overdo your outfit to get compliments or turn heads at your work place; and that’s why I am here, to transform your office outfit.

Two-Piece Suit:

Female two piece suit, Fashion in the Work Place fabric made by Adire lounge bellafricana verified

I know, suit again, but this isn’t the conventional, dull looking office suit, thankfully! Fabric Made by Adire Lounge, this two piece suit is everything! It is super stylish, classy, and don’t get me started on the fabric. From the color assemble which is actually my favorite thing about this outfit to the V-line details, the pocket details and the button with that fluffy design, this outfit will certainly be my go-to to brighten my Monday and revamp my office wardrobe.

Best part is that this suit is a mixture of different colors so you have so many color options when deciding to pair it without looking too colorful and, regardless of your age, you can rock this suit to your office and still look classy. I would pair this outfit with a black inner like she did, a red shoe, minimal makeup with red lips to stand out, and probably a blue bag/purse to pull the whole look together.

You can also decide to add a few accessories like a silver dropping earring or bracelet, but go for minimal, less flashy accessories as the suit is colorful enough.


Female shoes by k aspen bellafricana verified

Push your flat shoes to the curb; heels at the office is a big yes for looking elegant and classy; just make sure to keep it below 4 inches. Pump’s are perfect for the work place because they’re not “party-like” or too flashy so you’ll still look work-ready and classy at the same time.

I actually love that this pump, made by K. Aspen is a mixture of two simple colors (mustard yellow and red), so this makes it office-ready and at the same time, you can turn it from a day-to-night shoe; probably for dinner. This pump also has similar colors as the two piece suit so its a perfect pair for it…outfit inspiration!

Wear your designer two piece suit, paired with this pump and you’re good to go for that jaw-dropping look once you arrive at the office. You can as well pair this shoe with a black, lace fitted gown to beautify the outfit, a yellow jumpsuit or whatever you’d like; the options are endless.


Women bags, insipre by pine tree bellafricana verified

Going to work without a bag? I didn’t think so! Bags are every woman’s best-friend; they’re where you keep makeup, accessories, books, even cats. Everything goes into your bags as they keep you organized on the go and are also made to complement your outfit, which is why just any bag can’t be pick when heading out.

Most people choose big bags but, I am transforming your office wears into something elegant and that includes bags; so no more gigantic bags. Small, purse-like bags are the new “it” because they keep you more organized than big bags which leaves searching for one thing or the other.

A black bag would be good but you need to add a little bit of color, which is why this Biro blue bag by Inspire by Pine Tree with a touch of Ankara is perfect. The color on its own is bright and beautiful and as such, it can complement any outfit, the bag is small, portable and chic. What’s not to like?


The only thing more attractive than a man who dresses well is a man who smells nice; but let’s talk about your outfit instead, and not your perfume. Your perfume can smell so nice but a good perfume on an ugly outfit is a big no! Button-up shirts and black/brown trouser is no longer in vogue, and it’s pretty boring now.

Not to mention that well dressed men are considered more attractive than women because of their masculine physique and strong facial look. As a guy, you don’t have to wear too much to look good; simplicity is key for men. Here’s how you can transform your office outfit:


Men suits

We’re not talking about the traditional suit but rather, a fashionable designer suit. Away with the ugly, grandpa suit and in with the modern James Bond suit! This suit by JZO Fashion is fashionable, simple and classic all in one; it’s also bright but not too flashy at the same time so it says “hello, notice me”.

This Biro blue suit with a touch of woven black by the waist pocket and plain black by the breast pocket, along with black pants is enough to create a bold look for any man, any day, anywhere. I love that there’s a distinction compared to other male suits as the jacket doesn’t end on the same line when you button it, and it has a touch of “Africa” with the noticeable detail on the waist pocket. Pair this outfit with a nice pair of wristwatch and a leather shoe, and you’re good to go. Best part is that you can take this suit from a day-to-night outfit as well so you get to turns heads both in and outside your office.


men shoes

Shoes are a necessity for every outfit and although most men wear sandals or sneakers to work, for an elegant office look, I prefer more of a premium, designer footwear suited for the office (not Nike sneakers; that’s for a day out). Looking at this shoe by Morok Xpression, it is breathtaking! There is no way you will wear this and not feel comfortable, everyone would even have their eyes on you because this shoe is a bold statement meant to pull together any look.

Sure, it is black but it is a shiny black made of high quality leather, and the fabric hanging halfway down from the buckle is another noticing detail. It is not an everyday shoe you will buy from the market which makes it the perfect choice of shoe. Your sandals will feel ordinary but pairing this shoe with a statement suit is sure to transform any boring office outfit into something elegant.

Choosing an outfit for the office can be a bit daunting; especially when you have worn everything you possibly own but when you have the right, elegant outfit and you know what to buy as well as what to pair it with, you will never run out of what to wear. Now that I’ve shown you how to transform a conventional office outfit to something elegant and classy, ditch that old pant suit, those button up shirts, old blouse or whatever it is you have and revamp your wardrobe by getting new, statement office pieces.