Announcing Bosh Designs New “Happy Collection”

Introducing the “Happy Collection” from Bosh Designs. The collection as the name implies, is one that is very fitting for this season that we all are in!⁣

It’s for those who have made a conscious decision to stay happy despite everything going on.⁣

You know that saying that “You are what you wear?” Yes you’re happy when you wear the “Happy” Collection.⁣

Now, let’s see some of the beautiful designs in this collection:

1. Happy Cindy


Happy CINDY is made from soft denim, she’s actually softer than what it looks like in the picture😃. She is subtle on your skin and ready to make you comfortable.

She would look great, rocked both indoors and outdoors. Which is your preference?


UK8-14:     ₦8,500
UK16- 22:  ₦9,500


2. Happy Bawwy:



Happy Bawwy Bosh Designs x Bellafricana

Made from breathable Italian linen, Happy Bawwy is sure to make you ooze out good vibes all day! Did I mention that they are super comfortable? Now you know! Bosh Designs did a sterling job on this one. Trust me.


UK8-UK18:  ₦9,500

3. Happy Nikky


Meet Happy Bawwy’s Twin. If you’re looking for a more daring, outgoing look, then Happy Nikky is the one. It’s also made of breathable Italian linen. All shades of comfortable. Don’t you think?


UK8-UK18:  ₦9,500

4. Happy Kifan and Happy Kiran


KIFAN is conservative and your perfect buddy in the kitchen, can absorb one or two splashes and not reveal you’ve been cooking all day!😍👌. Her colorful pocket shows she’s happy to hold your phones, keys and even napkins when you need her to do so!

KIRAN on the other side, doesn’t mind drawing attention to herself😎. That’s the reason she loves to grab her car keys, put on a pair of sneakers and dash off for her grocerery shopping😷. Her cool pockets houses her phone and wallet conveniently freeing her from the burden of carrying a bag or holding too many things. KIRAN is just a HAPPY BIRD


UK8-UK18:  ₦8,500

5. Happy Abby


Happy Abby is the perfect definition of Vibrance. It reminds me of waterfalls, and sunsets too. Can you see it too? This beauty pairs well with hot pants to give you that “Boss Lady” look. You can throw on a pair of jeans and some sandals to look laid back and relaxed. Any how it’s paired, you’ll give off the look of a confident, happy lady.


Now there are only limited pieces in the Happy Collection, and if I were you, I would grab mine now! Not later, but now!

Click on this link to make an order immediately

Check out other beautiful pieces by Bosh Designs here

Bosh Designs is social. Click on the links below to connect with them:

Instagram: @BoshDesigns

Facebook: @Bosh Designs


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