Bellafricana to pitch at the Founders Showcase 2021


Bellafricana to pitch at the Founders showcase 2021 by FI. This to be held on the 29th July.

Founders Institute (FI), the world’s largest pre-seed accelerator, is having a global session to highlight some of the newest, most outstanding businesses emerging out of FI Africa (Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa to be specific), along with the Directors of various cities who helped make this a reality.


This is the first time such a joint event is taking place. It aims to demonstrate how founders are addressing real-world problems in Africa. Furthermore, this event would have some of the recent graduates. They are to pitch to global investors, entrepreneurs and start-up ecosystem of leaders worldwide.


Here are the three Nigerian Start-ups that are taking part in the FI Africa Founders Showcase 2021.

Bukky Asehinde
Bukky Asehinde, founder of Bellafricana

I am exceptionally pleased to write that Bellafricana is a graduate of FI and been selected as one of the Founders to pitch in this first of its kind event.

Bellafricana is a tech-enabled community that provides a platform for creative entrepreneurs in the fashion, arts & craft, beauty, home & living, food produce & snacks industry, to gain visibility, increase sales, have the right business support and structure that gives them the capacity to grow their business.

Bellafricana is a tech-enabled community that provides an enabling platform for 10,000 creative entrepreneurs. This is to increase sales, provide visibility and capacity building for creative business owners.

We are on a mission to empower over 100,000 Creative entrepreneurs by year 2030 to start, grow and scale profitable and sustainable global creative businesses. Their vision is to help customers connect and discover creative and quality African-owned businesses; their aim is to become the best e-commerce company for African products.

Ayodeji Agboola of Akowe
Ayodeji Agboola. Founder of Akowe

Founded by Ayodeji Agboola (a tech entrepreneur in 2020), Akowe is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that issues digital certificates in bulk. It allows you to digitize and issue academic or professional credentials, all in a few clicks.

In three steps, Akowe enables the issuance of digital certificates:

  1. Certificate upload
  2. Recipients list upload
  3. Certificate sending
Dr Yusuf Shittu of Jojolo
Dr Yusuf Shittu. Founder of Jojolo

Jojolo positions itself as a Mobile Sick Bay, aimed at reaching children in schools, homes, communities and public events with access to routine health screenings, vaccinations and emergency services. Secondly, they provide Virtual Consultations with Qualified Professionals. Aimed at redefining the way caregivers access healthcare for their children by connecting them with qualified healthcare professionals in real time to support the quality of care in school or at home.

The platform has a community forum for mothers to obtain answers to their questions from doctors, specialists, and essential services like dental treatments and home vaccinations.

Dr Yusuf Shittu, the CEO of the platform is a Global Health Innovator and Advocate and Medical Doctor. He is also the Co-founder and CEO of Neo Childcare.

Who should attend this event? 
  • Anyone interested in funding start-ups
  • People who are  interested in joining a start-up accelerator
  • Those who have an idea for a start-up or a growing company
  • Anybody interested in networking with entrepreneurs and advisors

To join in for an intriguing session and gaining insights on how Founders are building against all odds, kindly register here now.

Date: July 29, 2021

Time: 05:00pm – 07:30pm

Chioma Ogbudimkpa knocks our socks off at this amazing webinar session

Bellafricana x Chioma Ogbudimkpa Webinar


Bellafricana x Chioma Ogbudimkpa Webinar

Whoop! Whoop!! Last week Thursday, we held a mind-blowing power session with the PITCH QUEEN herself. Chioma Ogbudimkpa.

Can you sense the excitement in my tone? That’s because that session knocked my socks off. Literally!

Before I get into the nitty-gritty, let me give you a little back story, and why I was excited.

This covid-19 period, Bellafricana is not slacking at all. We’re organizing webinar sessions with Industry experts, as well as intra-community webinars as well. These webinar arose as a result of a need to gain some insight into areas that would be of immense benefit to our members post covid-19.

One of such areas is funding. There are lots of events, funding opportunities, and so on to take advantage of. But one hindrance is usually when it’s time to PITCH your product, or idea. We realized that this is a big issue for a lot of business owners, and that was why we invited Chioma Ogbudimkpa.

 Why was Chioma Ogbudimkpa just totally perfect?

For a start, Chioma owns the famous ‘REDBUTTON’ fashion label with a strong focus on sustainability. She has won notable grants from the Tony Elumelu Foundation, She Leads Africa Accelerator and the recent ‘Friends of the Vice President’ award.

Chioma has been featured on CNN Africa, The United Nations Sustainability & Innovation Expo, Spice TV Africa and the Young African Leaders’ Initiative.

It is also noteworthy to mention that she is a winner of the African Prize of the Global Creative Business Cup and Nigeria Creative Enterprise (NICE) program 2019 -powered by the British Council.

She has showcased her fashion pieces at many international and continental fashion engagements.

Can you see why she was the right person to shower us with this knowledge?

Anyway, the D-day came, and so many participants signed up and the session kicked off. I learnt so much, but I will share just a little of these with you:

  1. Research

One word that resonated throughout that webinar was Research like never before. Research your Industry. Whilst you’re doing that, ensure that your research isn’t restricted. You want your brand to be seen on a global scale, then you broaden your research. Find out what is been done (or not ) and see how you can use that do develop a strong USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Research the organisation you want to pitch to. Research, Research, Research!


2. Articulate your Brand story Properly

Story telling and Pitching are two peas in a pod. To give a successful pitch, you must be a great story teller. That means you have to be able to tell your brands story as flawlessly as possible. You may ask:”What if I don’t have a Brand Story?” Well you HAVE TO HAVE one. Whether you started because you were passionate about your craft, because you needed to make money, or because you needed to do something to pass the time, you have to reach deep and think about the “WHY”. There will definitely be a story hidden there somewhere. That story is one thing your potential investor looks forward to hearing. S, you have to work on it.

3. Pitch From a Place of Value

This point can never be overemphasized. You can’t tell your audience that you’re pitching because you need money (even though in reality, that’s what you need). But let them know what your product or idea will solve, and how you’re helping them. Sustainability is the new gold, so find a way to attach your brand to one of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). It gives your brand more credibility.


I could keep writing, but I’ll Just stop here. How were the responses we got from the webinar?

I’ll let you see for yourself :



Comments like these give us the needed encouragement to stop at nothing to bring our audience more than their money’s worth of membership. That’s exactly what we do at Bellafricana. To enjoy more these and many more benefits that come with being a member of our amazing community, click on this link 

You can connect with Chioma here.

That’s a wrap on the amazing webinar series we had. Say tuned for more gist. Bye!


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