There are a lot of things no one teaches you about life; except those brief moments your parents talk to you and give life advices that end up being useful at some point. Some lessons you learn from people around you and others from your personal life experiences but not everyone actually learn anything till it is too late.

Some life lessons you learn as a kid play an important role in determining your future because every life lesson learned at whatever point in your life affects your mindset. I am a huge fan of learning because no knowledge is wasted and it will always impact my future and how I go about life; and I would rather learn a good lesson than learn from my mistake.

I came across these 5 five lessons in life people learn too late, collated by Evan Carmichael and I learned quite a lot from it. He gathered advices from different notable people and it inspired me because I enjoy learning from people who are already successful.

Are there some mistakes you have made due to a situation you handled wrongly? You do not have to make any mistake because when you learn, you do things better. Here are some inspirational life lessons for you to take note of before it is too late.

1. Don’t Sleepwalk through Life (Warren Buffett):

Sleepwalking through life is basically going about life unconsciously without thinking of the future or having a clear vision; hoping that someone will take over. Buffett explains this by simply saying you should look for a job you would take if you did not need a job instead of expecting everything to be great; saying “I will do this and I will do that”.

He further says you really want to do what you love doing and you will not find it on your first job so keep searching till you do; which simply means you should try to find your passion/purpose.

2. Live Life without Fear (Will Smith):

Lessons in Life
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According to Smith, he would suggest people to take a daily confrontation with fear. He says fear tells lies, holds you back and makes you overthink things but, once you face your fears, everything after that becomes blissful and you begin to wonder why you were scared in the first place.

In his words, “the point of maximum danger is the point of minimum fear.” He also says God placed the best things in life on the other side of terror so the best thing to do is to face your fear.

3. Stop Complaining (Gary Vaynerchuk):

To Vaynerchuk, it takes understanding to realise you live in a world where you are blessed with so much opportunities; yet you complain.

Complaining, to him only prevents you from enjoying the good things of life as you fail to see the blessings all around you when you complain about what you have/don’t have. You could be in worse situation but you are not so instead of complaining, take a step back and recognise how blessed you are.

4. Know Your Destination (Simon Sinek):

According to Sinek, when given a clear destination, you naturally use your own creativity, renovation and problem solving abilities to overcome every obstacle to get to your destination because the destination is more important than the route.

He gives an example of when he tells someone to go somewhere in a “straight” direction and while the person is going, he puts a chair in front of the person. The person can either come to a halt and not go further because of the chair which is an obstacle, or that person can make a turn and go in another direction in order to get to the destination.

He says the obstacle for both people is the same but if the destination is clear, the obstacle becomes easy to overcome and if there is no clear destination, you will keep coming to a halt. A short life lesson learned already.

He goes on further to say successful measurement is not just about the steps you take but making sure these steps take you to your destination thus, you should know your destination, set your goal and overcome the obstacle.

5. Enjoy Life (Jack Ma):

This is self explanatory. To Ma, the world is so wonderful so why burden yourself working constantly? It is best to retire early and enjoy your life!

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