Bellafricana an Online Platform for Afrocentric Products and Services

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Bellafricana, an online platform for Afrocentric products, services. I have a dream! That one day, Afrocentric products and services will be globally accessible. I want to share with you how Bellafricana started, and the next phase for Bellafricana. We are presently upgrading our website for a better experience. I moved back in 2012 to Nigeria after few years out of the Country for studies…[/dropcap]
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Some African Textile You Should Know

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]African textiles are known for their hand-made quality, bright hues and distinct patterns that carries meaning with them. There are so many types of African textile that we tend to call ankara today, not knowing they are not ankara because they are made of different patterns. So here are some of African textiles.[/dropcap]Continue reading

Trend Setting Gele | Avant-Garde Gele Style

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]The Avante grade gele created by Funmi Olurinola of Abeke Makeovers is the latest gele style everyone is rocking now. They are so beautiful and can be tied with different fabric. One could say they look like hair fascinator. I think am tired of this everyday gele styles and its time to wear something different from the common styles. Join me as I rock this style next Sunday to church.[/dropcap]
Avant-Garde gele-digest.bellafricana
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Invitation to a Global Fashion Management Workshop

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Nigerian British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) and Africa Fashion Week in collaboration with Access Bank Plc presents Breakfast with Women in fashion. Introducing the Global Fashion Management Workshop (GFMW), an event for upcoming female fashion designers to help expose them to current trends and offer financial advice to grow their business. [/dropcap]
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Chinese Counterfeits Plague Ghana Textile Sector

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Stephen Badu, marketing director of Ghanaian fabric company Premium African Textiles, recently told the Christian Science Monitor that pirated designs—predominantly from China—make up about 60 percent of all textiles sold in Ghana and often retail for half the price of authentic product, forcing several local manufacturers to close in recent years. [/dropcap]

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Are You A Fashion Lover? | Get Ready for Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2015

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Join thousands of consumers eager to shop from 100 brands on exhibition at this year’s 2-day event. Ranging from emerging designers to independent and established boutique labels, visitors will enjoy catwalk shows, mingle with celebrities and shop till they drop. With high octane glamour and music acts, it will be the ultimate day out at the height of the season. [/dropcap]
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Dapper Men By Jaywalcar

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Dapper Men collection is a fusion of traditional and modern functional pieces with stereotypical shapes and patterns like the prison or umpire stripes and the retro boteh bandanas. This is the spring and summer collection by JAYWALCAR fashion brand. Jaywalcar is a fashion brand which is based in Lagos, Nigeria and operates on the ethos of defiance and thetic precision.[/dropcap]

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Traditional African Dashiki

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Dashiki (pronounced duh-shee-kee) is a colourful loose-fitting traditional African cloth that covers the top half of the body and widely worn in West Africa. The name dashiki originates from the Hausa word dan ciki“, which means shirt. In 1928, Oba Ofuntola Oseijeman Adelabu Adefunmi made dashiki popular in USA. When he was 16, he developed an interest in African studies, so he travelled to Haiti at age 20 to know more about African religion. After some time he came back and started small scale manufacturing business which also involved production of African attire especially the dashiki.[/dropcap]Continue reading

Meet The Founder of ST Colours | Exclusive Interview

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] I’m excited to introduce this young lady with the name Stephanie Obi to you all. I had connected with Stephanie over a year ago and we were just bbm friends (you know one of those friends you have on Blackberry messenger that you just keep seeing their recent updates but never holla, yes) LOL. It wasn’t until recently I spoke to Stephanie and the conversation lasted for almost an hour (pure intimate business gist). It felt like we had been friends for long. Stephanie is the founder of “St Colours”. Let’s meet her… [/dropcap]

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Kaela Kay's Print And Pattern Fall Collection

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Catherine Addai is the face behind Kaela Kay Ghanaian fashion brand. She is very creative with prints, patterns and bold colours. Kaela Kay is a forward thinking clothing line that transforms bold and extravagant prints into sexy, feminine and modern clothes – with an African flare. Kaela Kay deals on unique and ultramodern blend of style and prints which makes women stand out in the crowd.[/dropcap]Continue reading


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