6 Natural Skincare Products for different skin types

Matolo face wash on bellafricana marketplace

Just as our fingerprints differ, our skin types differ too with the type of natural skincare products used. What might be most suitable for one person can be harming for another. I use a skin body butter but on the other hand same cream tends to be more oily for another person who uses it.

It is very important to understand your skin and know which natural skincare products in Nigeria will be most suitable for your skin type.

These are 6 Skincare Products for different skin types I will highly recommend:

Asakwe soap is an indigenous African product made with the finest ingredient locally sourced from in Nigeria. It initially means ‘bathe’ among the local tribe of the Igbos. This skin care product has been tested and trusted, if you so desire a glow and rejuvenation of your skin, then this is perfect for you. It is infused with Tumeric and its perfect for light skinned people. it also contains essential oils that helps to tone and brighten the skin. its most suitable for dry skin. This is a product of Modara naturals.



This is a product of organic life plus, one special attraction to this brand is how will it helps in restoring and rejuvenating dry skin. Baobab seed most times are edible and it is also used in beauty products. It also can be used to boost hair growth. This particular ingredient does wonders in several aspect, it contains antioxidants and Vitamin E and it is a great anti dote to dry and cracky skin types.


I was a chronic attacker of acne, it got me really depressed until I found this life saver, Anti pimples cream by Janeli Global. This product works super for all skin types. Apart from taking care of your acne issues, it also helps your skin look flawless and less oily. its very much recommend for people wilt oily skin. Janeli global helped me restore my confidence back with this anti pimple and anti ageing cream.

Janeli Global skincare products

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Body glow is another wonderful product I would recommend because even though I haven’t used this, but from reveiws I have heard so far, this product does magic to the skin. If you wanna drip in finness and you want your sin to be silk as milk, then try using this wonderful product from Treda organics.

Treda Organics Glow Oil on bellafricana marketplaceTreda Organics Glow Oil on bellafricana marketplace, natural skincare products


Brilho oil which was coined from the Angola Portuguese native, means “to glow”.  This too is specially made by Modara naturals, I specifically recommend this product because it is made from the finest and most nourishing products. it also contains moisturizing and regenerating ingredients such as Avocado oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil and carrot oil. All these essential natural ingredients help to awaken and smoothen the skin. It works well on dry skin as it helps to keep it bright and shiny.

Brilho oil by Modara naturals on bellafricana marketplace, natural skincare products



This is essentially for the face. it is infused with good and natural ingredients that will live the face radiant and smooth. I once visited a dermatologist who once advised that body treatment should not be used as facial treatment. I found that interesting too because lot of people I have met will complain how a product is good for their body but not good for their faces, that is why Matolo Botanicals has made this special blend to work well with the face.

Matolo Botanicals facewash on bellafricana marketplace


These are my top 6 Natural Skincare Products for different skin types that I will most likely recommend. Though there are still other products that does great to the skin too. Click here to check other amazing products that will work well for your skin.


6 Essential Travel Items For Your Next Journey

Ethnik Afrika bags made in Nigeria

You would agree with me that this year has welcomed the highest number of migrations to other countries. With this rate of travel, one needs to have certain travel items in place to be able to have a comfortable and convenient travel experience.

Especially for international travel, where one can spend over 5 to 10 hours or above, your comfort is paramount. So, I am going to show you 5 essential travel items for your next trip that are very necessary.


This I must say, is a must have. Especially for long distance travels, this pillow will not only help correct your sitting position, but it will give you ease, comfort and convenience. And it can also help you rest your back properly and prevents fatigue. This serves same purpose your bed pillow serves; it is also referred to as cervical pillow because it helps the backbone by providing comfort to the neck and also improve rest. Pillow talk is the designer is this neck pillow. In order not to experience back pains over a long distance, I advise you purchase this.Neck pillows by pillow talks on bellafricana marketplace


These are very essential, for someone who wants to travel light then this is absolutely a good choice. With its different compartment, this can handle a lot of items and still doesn’t look like you carried too much baggage. It’s stylish and durable as it’s made with long lasting leather. The infusion of the Aso-oke African fabric makes it look more elegant. Ethnik Africa, the brain behind this beautiful travel bag, adds royalty to any craft. This bag is available in different colours and sizes.

Ethnik Afrika bags made in Nigeria on bellafricana marketplace


This too is advisable for any form of travel be a short or long distance. This blanket is thick enough to protect you from cold or windy environment. This too is attractive and has a beautiful look. It also of high quality and can be used at home too. frankly, Ethnik Africa is well known for producing long lasting and durable materials like this throw blanket using Aso-oke.

Throw Blanket by Ethnik Africa on Bellafricana Marketplace, travel items


Bucket hats are really beautiful to help you adorn your look, since you will need to be sitting for a longer till you reach your destination, you can still look stylish and elegant with this touch up accessory. If you don’t need to look too over the top but edgy and classic in your flight, then this will do the trick. it also protects your ear and head from cold too. This is another exceptional travel piece from Ethnik Africa.

Ethnik Africa bowler hats, essential travel items

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We know that this virus called Corona still is plaguing in most country, and it is still advisable to for all to stay masked up and well protected. This nose mask, well decorated and styled up. This is a good replacement for the boring look mask. Add a touch of beauty to your fashion by covering up with this beautiful mask. Pillow talks crafted these beautiful designs.

nose mask by pillow talks on bellafricana marketplace, essential travel items


These handbags are made by O’Eclat designs. These is also good thought optional for travel. It will help safe keep important items you might be needing at the train stations, parks or airports. so instead of having to box everything up in a big luggage box, this will make searching for important documents easily. These handbags combined with nice fabric and well patterned leather, also adds glamour to your outfit.

Black leather Batik Bags by O'Eclat on Bellafricana Marketplace


I bet these 6 essential travel items will be planned for your next trip. Like Nigerians would say, If you are ready to “japa”(leave the country), these items are quite useful to carry along with you. If you need more items to choose from, click on this link to get updated .




6 Best Online marketplaces for handmade Items

Bellafricana Marketplace home

Handmade items are the most valuable items on the market. However, unless you are knocking on the marketplaces for handmade items, selling your handmade goods in any market place can be difficult. This is why you should choose a marketplace that allows you to reach out to more people who are looking for your product.

Unless you find yourself in the most efficient and effective platforms, finding a possible customer community that wants to buy handmade goods can be difficult. Merchants that specialize in selling handcrafted items, on the other hand, don’t have to worry as much because there are specialist platforms for doing so.

If you wish to expand your merchant-reach ship’s to the widest possible audience, you might consider switching to apt marketplaces that help you get your potential reach.

Here is a list of 5 best online marketplace for handmade items within and outside Africa in no particular order:

 1. Etsy:

Etsy is one of the most well-known markets for handcrafted goods, allowing artisans and artists to launch a thriving business. This platform allows you to sell all of your handcrafted items online. Etsy allows you to sell vintage items, handcrafted crafts, and other craft-related products, and it has a vast client base.

With a free account on Etsy, you may effortlessly sell your items. You simply have to pay a modest amount of fees for listing (about $0.02) and a specific proportion of 5 for each transaction you make on this platform. Furthermore, the site allows you to sell products across all categories. On Etsy, the community is very active and efficient.

Etsy Nigeria – Shop for handmade, vintage, custom, and unique gifts for everyone

 2. Amazon:

Amazon provides an excellent opportunity for all merchants. This is why they bring their Handmade store, which is capable of selling in a huge market. One can effortlessly sell all of your handcrafted items on Amazon’s Handmade store. Furthermore, Amazon provides a wealth of information about what and how you can add to your account when it is approved. The platform, combined with the Artisan profile that comes with a custom URL, makes it easier for your products to find a better place in the market. This will make it easier for people to locate your store. For convenience, you can use Amazon’s Fulfillment service to ship your products.

 3. Bellafricana Marketplace:

This from my research so far, this is one of the  biggest E-Commerce platform, Bellafricana Marketplace is set to promote African made products while trading them to the world. With the unquestionably talents, skills, creativity and yearning for the African experience, Bellafricana Marketplace, is the buffer to ensure our partners and products are of global standard and experience. We pride ourselves as being the one stop destination for a lot of hand-made, niche based African brands with top quality and at best prices. Their services include top notch shopper experience, African-made products at affordable prices, seamless retail processes and outstanding customer support system, and they continue to serve locally based Africa businesses with the intention to ensure growth of these businesses and accommodate more. It’s not just a marketplace but a one-stop marketplace for the continent and growing businesses.

Home – Bellafricana Marketplace (bellafricanashop.com)

 4. Afrikrea:

The key value proposition for Afrikrea is that it serves as a partner to both micro-retailers and their clients. One of the key barriers that is impeding a greater proliferation of e-commerce in Africa is the issue around accepting payments and reliable shipment and delivery methods. Afrikrea has transformed the e-commerce space for the global African fashion and design sector by facilitating payments, commerce and providing the technology framework needed for its retailers.

Afrikrea – Shop and Sell African Fashion, Art and handicraft – Afrikrea

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  5. Kamers Makers

An online store for artisans and their handcrafted goods, Kamers Makers’ model is a little different. To sell here, you have to create a store on Shopstar first. So essentially, they give you a secondary platform to display the products and sell them to their niche audience.

You can sell all kinds of products, including jewelry, calendars, scarves, and more.

Sell Online Through The KAMERS Online Store | KAMERS/Makers (kamersvol.com)

  6. Zando

Apparels are clearly the fore-runners among products in Africa. Zando, the South-Africa based online store is perfect for distributors of relatively larger brands. You have to start by emailing them to get approved as a supplier. This means that you should have sufficiently large volumes of stock.

Sell Products Online | Marketplace | South Africa | Zando


As a lover of African items, getting the right supplier of a particular item could be really tacky. I have helped research these wonderful sites that you can easily source for items made with African in mind. Click here to get tons and tons of African produce ranging from Fabrics, shoes, interior items, cosmetics and lot more.

7 Best Scented Candles To Light Up Your Space

Earth Raale Lifestyle Candles sold on bellafricana marketplace scented candles

Lovely scented candles are ideal ways to provide warmth to your home. Coming home to a calming scented candle makes everything better, whether you’re looking to fill your space with cozy fall scents, skip ahead to Christmas, shop for a gift for a votive enthusiast, pamper your mom with a little aromatherapy, or search for a scent that will help you unwind after a long day.

Not is even more devastating than coming back from a tedious work schedule, scaling a lot of traffic hurdles, engaging some many tasks and activities, and finally winding up in an unpleasant smell around your home.

If you are someone who is easily put off by the bad or uncomfortable smell. Then here is a list of the 7 best-scented candles that will engulf your home with a rich smell. Fill your home with a fragrance that is healthy, luxurious, welcoming, and gives positive energy.


This candle contains rich ingredients that help to calm, soothe and relieve the mental, psychological and emotional state of a person. No wonder it is named earth scented. It’s a signature of Raale Lifestyle. It encapsulates peace, tranquility, and relaxation. Don’t you want to get back after a more chaotic day and be immersed in the scent that helps gives you composure, calmness, and above all comfort?


According to science, ginger is loaded with antioxidants and compounds that prevent stress and damage to your body’s DNA. they also help the body fight off chronic diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, and disease of the lungs, and it promotes healthy aging too.

As a result of the great benefits of ginger Abela by scents of Africa made these Aromatherapy candles that can help you relax, feel calm, energized, and put your mind in a more productive mode. Mudhut and ginger leaf candles can help you relax and relieve stress.


When we hear renaissance its sure means something new. Scents according to Stephen Warrenburg of Oxford University are connected to the emotional well-being of a person. In specific ways, positive moods and emotions that are elicited via scent inhalation can impact beneficially our mental, hormonal, nervous, and immune systems health. These scented candles were carefully made that house new and refreshing moods, thoughts, and actions by its manufacturer Raale lifestyle.



As the name implies “passion’’, this candle is capable of igniting a special bond, it is intricately sweet and leathery combining the delightful and refined aroma of osmanthus blossoms with a sensuous heart of patchouli and the suspenseful note of savory leaves.

Passion & Ylang Perfume Candle has an exotic soul, with a seductive core of parma violets and tuberose, as well as a hint of pimenta and ylang ylang essential oils. The heart notes, which have a slightly heady, sweet, exotic, and complex floral smell, claim origin and cultivation in North and South Africa. This Abela by Scents of Africa Signature perfume has a cheerful and elegant fragrance.

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Candles like this are meant to exhume fragrance to enhance one’s mental and psychological needs. Raale lifestyle does better with producing sense-enhancing and brain-calming scents.



Candles in the bathroom provide a spa-like ambiance, while candles strategically arranged throughout your living area create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere (very hygge). Meanwhile, candles as the centerpiece of your dining room table create a beautiful candlelit dinner environment, while kitchen candles provide a welcoming atmosphere while also killing odors.

Experience the transposing aroma of exotic “wood” tar in conjunction with the riotous energy of Moroccan spice in this brilliant signature perfume. Abélà by Scents of Africa Rustic Wood & Cinnamon inspires and awakens the most resilient heart, combining notes of dry musk, sandalwood, vanilla, amber, and tobacco to expand the mind into a panorama of richness. These signature candles can also be utilized to create a beautiful and whimsical atmosphere on the table.


Flames and patchouli candles, a signature of Abela world scents, contain a rich blend of juicy-floral notes, laced with musky-woody notes of rosewood, cashmere, ambergris, patchouli, and tobacco for seductive complexity. Flame & Patchouli is a signature scent that is richly sexual. Surrender to your inner passion and nature’s alluring power, conveying the abstract essence of searing fury.



Let people work into your space and be carried away by that pleasant, soothing atmosphere of rich scent. To order your scented candles click here to order.



Unique Gift Ideas For Birthdays

Janeli Global skincare products

You often give gifts to re-confirm or establish your connection with others. It’s important to have unique gift ideas for birthdays which means that they are a reflection of both the giver and the receiver. Birthday gifts are meant to leave good memories. More so, many people love to be appreciated on their special days. Just because this day appears once a year, it’s pertinent you leave a lasting and memorable mark.

Thinking of gift ideas can be quite daunting and confusing especially if your recipient loves receiving gifts. You must be more intentional about your birthday gifts.

Here are unique gift ideas for birthdays you can gift your loved ones;


Perfume diffusers can be considered an ideal gift item because scents are considered very versatile gifts and can represent a wide ride of emotions and feelings. It exhumes feelings, emotions, and memories. if you want to create beautiful and long-lasting impressions on people’s minds. then your best buy for a special gift item is a perfume diffuser.

Abela World is a brand notable for excellent and artistic afro-centric fragrances.  This Abela scents of Africa’s fragrance is not made to just give a space a scent ambiance but tells stories that appeal to our emotions around your space and give you an aroma uplift. let people feel you even in your absence with the good and erotic scent of a well-scented perfume diffuser. The curator of this delightful perfumed fragrance Igi Ope, had your guest in mind when producing it as it was produced with the intent to warm the heart.

Ige Ope Perfume oil BY Abela Scent on bellafricana marketplace
Ige Ope Perfume oil BY Abela Scent on bellafricana marketplace

Another interesting item that can fit perfectly as a gift is a beautiful handbag. We can not over-emphasize how ladies love this particular accessory.  If you want an item that will serve so much value, then this is the perfect gift for you. This beautiful Milan bag made by Morin O  is suitable for all occasions.

Milan bag by Morin O on bellafricana marketplace
Milan bag by Morin O on bellafricana marketplace


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Wearing jewelry comes with a lot of sentiments, that’s why it serves as a terrific gift. jewelry is versatile, it’s good for all skin types and tones. It can be worn to different occasions and events and it’s not selective of any fashion wear. one basic reason this alluring piece will serve a good purpose is also that it’s last over some time, that’s why it’s a timeless piece of accessory. Zivanora neckpieces and accessories are durable and eco-friendly, nicely curated, and suit perfectly anybody.

Culla Trio Pendant by Zivanora on bellafricana
Culla Trio Pendant by Zivanora on bellafricana

Perfect gift for your spouse, oh yeah, watch him scream in excitement at the sight of the wonderful gift item. This gift box combo with a nice gift card will make an excellent gift idea. Thrill your loved ones to this beautiful box filled with good cologne, nice bela t, and other goodies. who wouldn’t love this gift? Notjustpulp, a brand that specializes in gift cards, will delight you with a one and million gift combo idea to treat that special person on a special occasion.


Who doesn’t love a glowed-up, brighten, and tone-up skin? This skincare gift item is going to spark that desired excitement and smile you always expect from the faces of your loved ones. Janeli global has a great blend and rich ingredients for any skin type. Products ranging from butter cream, exfoliating and black soap for healthy skin, will meet the perfect gift for that special person, good enough this particular item isn’t gender-sensitive, both genders will surely appreciate this.


Planning on the best gift for a loved one to sweep them off their feet could be tricky atimes. Giving  Gifts on special occasions entails you to ponder on certain unique, valuable, and enticing items. That’s why this article is aimed at thinking for you those wonderful packages to satisfy the needs of your recipients. why not try each of these gift items out, and watch your loved ones drool over these gifts.


5 Unique Woven Craft items

MitiMeth Water Hyacinth woven cup holders with adire fabrics sold on bellafricana marketplace

Gone are the days when woven craft items were only used in local places, and were not valued but thanks to several craft designers that have helped in repurposing craft designs and adding more aesthetics to fit different purposes.

These unique woven craft items are used in places like homes, offices, hospitality industries, etc, and also used as fashionable pieces too.

Here is a list of 5 unique woven craft items you would love:

 1. BAGS

Yasmin crafts, a craft design and interior decoration company indulge in creating beautiful, elegant, and creative designs using natural fibres. Apart from designing interior decorative items for your homes, offices, or recreational centres, this craft maker also creates upholsteries as well as fashion items such as bags and purses. Combining this beautiful raffia bag will most certainly help spice up your look, making you look casually funky and edgy while still dripping in your beautiful and ecstatic drip. These beauty bags can be used casually to outings, hangouts, or mini parties.

raffia bag made by yasmin craft on bellafricana marketplace.

Another good thing about transforming natural fiber into usable items is that there is no limit to what one can create with these resources. Creating any piece of the item can be spurred by certain circumstances and needs. I will give you a short story of how mitimeth a brand and creative craft company came up with making an appealing zipper pouch.

“Once upon a time mitimeth visited a company that had loads of jute selvages. Management figured that since they were into Upcycling, they will be able to do something useful with the selvage material which was waste generated from their manufacturing process. Super thrilled and beaming with ideas, we took the Jute selvage waste and ran with it. They used the selvages to create   zipper pouch bags with layers of frills to add just a little bit of drama to the mix.

The detachable turquoise bag handles are made from fish leather. Yep, you read that right! Leather made from the inedible skin
of the Nile perch by a Social Enterprise in Kenya Upcycling and combining waste materials is the name of our game mitimeth

This goes a long way to show how waste materials are now absolutely important. And can be used to add glamour and beauty to any work of art and craft.

Pouch bag by mitimeth on bellafricana marketplace
Pouch Bag

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Good riddance to a decluttered space is this ladder shelf. Not only does this beautifully woven raffia basket and free-standing structure add glam and intrigue to a space, but it also helps create extra surface space around the house. It’s stylish and attractive as well and it is used in places like the bathroom or bedroom. Certainly, this helps in neatly arranging, decluttering, and organizing items around that space. Yasmin crafts carefully pays attention to every detail in a space, I recommend this for people with much clutter, this is ideal because you can easily locate items when need be.

Woven shelves/Baskets by Yasmin Craft on bellafricana marketplace
Woven shelves/Baskets

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From harvesting eco-friendly raw materials to curating beautifully, sustainable, and environmentally friendly handmade trunks. These handcrafted, luxury and multipurpose storage trunks made by Yasmin crafts are certainly a must-have in our houses.  It helps a lot in keeping our valuable fabrics well scented and straightened over a long period.

Storage boxes and trunks by yasmin craft on bellafricana marketplace.



As earlier stated, Yasmin Crafts aims at refurbishing and organizing any space with still a high degree of class, beauty, and glam. That is why this eco-friendly laundry box was made. However, one advantage of this beautifully crafted woven laundry box is that it adds to the aesthetics of any space. It also adds extra elegance to your space, Moreso, its aids in hiding unpleasant stuff in a pleasantly, decorated, and well-patterned box.

laundry box by yasmin craft on bellafricana marketetplace
Laundry Box

Having this stylishly decorated piece of dining wares on the dining table is another unique woven item you would love. It is a highly decorative piece that will quickly draw attention to your table and your space. Adorning your space with a bit of nature helps in projecting the elegance and radiance that you so desire for your space. This is a creative piece made by mitimeth using hyacinth and waste materials.

hycinth dining wares made by mitimeth on bellafricana marketplace
Dinning Wares

In conclusion, every space, whether an office, your house,  or a hospitality industry indeed deserves a cozy, warm and earthly feeling. That can be done effortlessly by using woven and crafted pieces of decorative items in it. Fashionable items can be crafted using natural fibres and yarns. For more unique woven items ideas click here to see other beautiful pieces.




Make A New Mum Smile With These Gifts

zivanora jewelry culla collection trio necklace sold on bellafricana marketplace

Do you know a new mum/mum-to-be? Would you want to make a new mum smile with these gifts? Then you might want to surprise them with some thoughtful gifts because well, who doesn’t like surprises, right? Even more so at that delicate/ sensitive time in their lives, gifts will be very much appreciated, don’t you think?

You have come to the right place, so stick around, explore and shop for these gifts. The best part, they are from brands proudly made in Nigeria (Africa) and their quality is second-to-none (Check out some other trusted brands here). Let’s dive in, shall we?


Hygienically and skin beautifier, this product from one of the best baby skincare brands, Amal Botanicals black soap, is ideal for any baby’s skin type. Therefore this is highly recommended to gift to a new momma. Its dermatologically tested and consists of all the right ingredient ingredients suitable for a baby’s skin. Not to forget how tender it is, with its nice fragrance allowing kids to scent so well all the rest of the day. so, save a new momma by gifting this to a wonderful baby.

 Amal Botanicals Black soap sold on bellafricana marketplace


This excellent hair kit enhances hair growth to a very high proportion. Even from parents who have used this brand, this seems to be a very perfect hair combo for any baby, and every new mother would love to see their baby have full-grown and beautifully textured hair. This is another wonderful package to gift a new mom. Amal botanical hair kits are just a great hair enhancement therapy every mother would love to try.



A new mom/ mom-to-be will want to give her baby all the skin-pampering she can. But, you know that she’ll also be mindful of what she puts on the baby’s skin too because of their sensitivity and delicateness. That’s why we recommend the Newborn set from the tested and trusted Amal Botanicals. Their range of Babycare will make a New mom smile and fall in love. Trust me.

How about some gifts for Her?

Now that we’re done with some gifts that Mama would use on Baby, how about some gifts for Mama herself? She deserves some, don’t you think? So, let’s see some gift ideas to put that smile on a New Mom.


Ah! Who wouldn’t receive this beautiful bracelet with a big grin on their face? Anyone, you gift this jewelry will fall in love. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Zinovora  is your quality plug, assembled-in- Nigeria timepieces. Perfect to rock anywhere. women still want to look classic and stylish even after birth, this jewelry piece is an elegant way to style a new mom.


This beauty you’re beholding is called the Culla trio necklace. And, it is one of the many stunning jewelry pieces from Zivanora that is bound to make the wearer light up with joy. Another perfect gift for a New Mom? Yes, we think so too. it’s a very simple piece of work suitable for any skin type and will look great for any lady.


Now, what new mom wouldn’t want to get back into looking and feeling young again? This Morin O pair of slippers is suitable before and after delivery, as preggy aren’t advised to wear heels, so this seems like a very fascinating item, not just because of how beautiful it is but also its functionality. it’s super comfortable to wear to any gathering. it’s a fantastic gift idea. 


Now that you’ve been provided with a variety of options, go ahead and make a purchase. You’ll come back and thank me later. if you still need more options to choose from for a perfect gift, click here to shop for other wonderful items.


7 Unique Gift Items For Women

zivanora jewelry culla collection trio bracelet grey sold on bellafricana marketplace unique gift items for women

Are you thinking of the best unique gift items for women in your life? This could be your wife, mother, godmother, grandmother, or daughter.

Gifting women could be very delicate as wants and needs vary. So let me take you on the different gift items that will send good memories, serve long-lasting emotions and feelings in ways words wouldn’t.

Here are 7 Unique Gift Items For Women;


You can never underestimate the value of a small purse or clutch bag for ladies, this nicely designed leather clutch is suitable for all kinds of occasions and gatherings.

Clutches were intended to add to, rather than detract from, the look of an over all outfit. A clutch purse comes in handy for women because instead of having one handbag that was meant to go with everything, women would want clutches to match the gown or cocktail dress they’d be wearing.

This O’Eclat black leather bag is a wonderful unique gift item for women.



You know how well women adorn fabrics like this, it can be used as skirts, flowing gowns, and other nice dress styles. Adire fabrics are very versatile and could be worn and sewn differently and stylishly.

Adire Fabric is a durable, classy Nigerian fabric that should be promoted, protected, and sustained as a cultural heritage especially as our youths are fast losing their cultural identities best reason why our mothers will cherish this as a generous gift idea.

Asologe is a special adire designer, who skill-fully and aptly applies her craft beauty sense.



Are you looking for the best way to convey your emotions and feeling in words for that special woman, of course, who else can be a special woman if not your mother or a mother figure in your life? Not just pulp creates memories and nostalgia with the way she conveys feelings in a very subtle and ecstatic manner.



Morin O classic bags do a lot to add style, class, poise, and elegance. Just don’t get too worked up wanting to get designer bags like Doir, dolce and Gabbana, or Prada, when our local indigenous brand bags makes, are making waves in the fashion industry too.

This brand also has global and international standards as its products are being sold globally. So look no further for good, durable, and high-standard bags for that wonderful woman and add radiance, confidence, and beauty.


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Aside from making beautiful handmade bags, Morin O also produces premium leather sandals, suitable for any occasion and very comfortable for the feet. long-lasting and very stylish. Don’t forget women love to dress well and yet find comfort in what they wear too.



Like the saying, jewelry is like the perfect spice-it always complements what’s already there. Jewelry balances a woman; outfit and completes her style that’s whys it’s ideal for a gift item. it’s versatile as it doesn’t select seasons and body times and is suitable for women of all ages. Zivanora jewelry collections are elegant, chic, and edgy, and it tells a story about the person wearing them. it simply tells CLASS AND POISE. Just because accessories are small yet a significant part of an outfit, then it is a sure gift package.




This skincare combo will get the excitement of any lady. Women feel real comfortable with clean and clear skin and Modara Naturals helps that process. This gift package is a combination of three skincare products that total replenishes and heals skin issues. suitable for all skin types and it also uses natural ingredients. so let’s hop on this beauty product for our loved ones.


After carefully going through all these beautiful and enticing gift items. I hope your choice has been made, just if you need more gift items ideas for that distinguished lady in your life, click here to search for other best options.

4 Bag Care sins you need to repent from

Oeclat-Black-Leather-Batik-Mila-Bag shop on bellafricana marketplace 4 bag care sins

Hi! Do you know that a lot of us have been doing some things wrong when it comes to caring for our handbags? I was guilty of some of these “4 Bag care Sins” but now I know better. I will be sharing them with you soon, but while I am doing that, feel free to browse through some beautiful handbags by excellent Nigerian Brands. Are you ready? Let’s get started: 

Ethnik Utu bag Bellafricana member

Sin No 1. Keeping your Bag in the Box:

I know you love staring at your bags in their little boxes, sitting pretty. But leather cracks when there is no air. Imagine sitting in a choked up place without ventilation. That’s exactly how your bag feels. What you can do instead is to put them in drawstring bags to avoid dust settling on them, as well as preserve the fabric.

Morin O bags
Sin No 2. Using your blow-dryer to air out a wet bag:

If you notice a water spill, using a blow-dryer, or any other form of heat that isn’t natural, can cause serious damage to your bag. So, why not allow it air out naturally? Remember not to also put it out in direct sunlight. Instead, store them in a cool, dry place.

Sin No 3. Not Stuffing the bag when not in use:

Bags tend to lose their form or shape when empty. This period when most of your bags will not be in much use, you can stuff them with a mass of clean clothes, or throw pillows to help retain the shape.

Amber bags by O'Eclat shop on bellafricana marketplace 4 bag care sins
O’Eclat Amber bags
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Sin No 4. Hanging your bags: 

How many of us are guilty of this? Putting a bag up by the handles can cause the handles to lose shape, or even crack. If your bags have been out-living their handles, this may be a reason why.

4 bag care sins shop o'eclat bags on bellafricana marketplace
O’Eclat amber box

So, there you have it, 4 bag care sins! I hope you have learnt a thing or two from this, and trust you will repent from your “Bag Care sins” (if guilty)🤣

You can shop these lovely bags above and more on the bellafricana marketplace now.

Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform

Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform

Bellafricana Launches E-commerce Platform to give more African Creatives visibility and promote African made products

Bellafricana launches “Bellafricana Marketplace,” an e-commerce site to promote African made products of quality and boost the visibility of African creatives. The platform provides distinct African made products of global standard with top quality and at the best prices.

Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Shop rich creations from Africa – @bellafricanashop

With different products ranging from fashion to arts and crafts, home decor and beauty products, Bellafricana Marketplace is fast positioning itself as the largest e-commerce platform that promotes and trades African products to the world.

Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Promoting the beauty of Africa – Bellafricana Marketplace @bellafricanashop

Commenting on the launch of the platform, CEO, Bellafricana, Bukky Asehinde said that it has always been a dream of hers to create a platform that bridges the gap between creative producers in key industries and their global customers.

Many times we see talented African creatives struggle to sell their products not because they are not good enough but because these products don’t get the visibility they deserve. Some of these products can stand shoulder to shoulder with products from big international brands but then they do not have a platform to connect with global customers. This is the problem that Bellafricana Marketplace moves to solve.” She said. We want this platform to be a go-to resource for African entrepreneurs to develop and grow their retail businesses and brands on a global scale.” she continued.

Africa is currently experiencing massive growth in the digital economy and as a result, online retail is a development that has come to stay in the continent.

According to a report by Statista, e-commerce in Africa was valued at 16.5 billion dollars in 2017. Another report recently revealed that this value could well go up to 75 billion dollars by 2025. This goes to show that the growth of e-commerce in the continent is very promising.

Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
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Even with this development, 70% of creative business owners say they struggle to be seen by their potential customers and 85% of creative business owners say they are unable to find customers to buy their products. This not only affects their businesses but could also affect their mental well being.

With a platform like Bellafricana Marketplace, African creatives will not only get more people to see their products but will also be able to reach a global market where these products are in high demand. 

We continue to see African made commodities and African made crafts going mainstream in recent times both within Africa and the global market. Products like Adire, Aso-oke, Kente, African beads, Shea butter and other African products are now being recognised globally and adapted by both Africans in diaspora and people from other races all over the world. Due to this reason, the need for more African made products has relatively increased. Setting up a platform like Bellafricana Marketplace to give African creatives and match them with global customers could not have come at a better time. 

Also speaking on the launch of Bellafricana Marketplace, MaryBarbara Ugboma, a member of the Bellafricana team reaffirmed the position of the platform as a bridge to close the gap between African creatives and global customers.

She went further to say “we want to ensure that no matter where you are in the world, you can get a piece of Africa with you. We want to make more African products available to the world. You can trust that every product you will find on Bellafricana Marketplace are not things you will find at a regular e-commerce store. This is strictly African.”

With top-notch shopper experience, African-made products at affordable prices, seamless retail processes and an outstanding customer support system, Bellafricana Marketplace has already started recording success. 

Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Bellafricana Marketplace. Click on the picture to watch inspiring stories from the Creators on Bellafricana Marketplace
Popular Nigerian brands have already begun to list their products on Bellafricana Marketplace such as:
  1. Not Just Pulp
Not Just Pulp- Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Iyaniwura by Not Just Pulp. Click on the picture to visit their store
Ronke Scott
Ronke Scott- Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Life of an African woman series 1 by Ronke Scott. Click on the picture to visit their store
Organic Life Plus
Organic Life Plus- Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Baobab oil by Organic Life Plus. Click on the picture to visit their store
Zivanora- Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Culla bypass ring by Zivanora. Click on the picture to visit their store
Mimiremi Textiles
Mimiremi Textiles- Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Afro head-wrap textile by Mimiremi Textiles. Click on the picture to visit their store
Amal Botanicals
Amal Botanicals- Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Products by Amal Botanicals. Click on the picture to visit their store
Morin O.
Morin O - Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Almando round stitch bag by Morin O. Click on the picture to visit their store
Modara - Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Dara body butter by Modara. Click on the picture to visit their store
Abela World
Abela World - Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Flame and patchouli perfume candle by Abela World. Click on the picture to visit their store
Asologe - Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Adire Brocade by Asologe. Click on the picture to visit their store
Bosh Designs
Bosh Designs - Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Ilu Gangan Throw pillow by Bosh Designs. Click on the picture to visit their store
Water Hyacinth Woven Coasters & Caddy - Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Water Hyacinth Woven Coasters & Caddy by Mitimeth. Click on the picture to visit their store
Ethnik Afrika
Ethnik Afrika - Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Agbaman Duffle Bag by Ethnik Afrika. Click on the picture to visit their store
Pillow Talk
Pillow Talk - Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
My Africa Throw pillow by Pillow Talk – Click on the picture to visit their store
O’Eclat Designs
O'Eclat Designs - Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Amber Box Bag by O’Eclat Designs – Click on the picture to visit their store.

And the platform is open to other African creatives who want more exposure and who want to connect with global customers. Simply visit the website, www.bellafricanashop.com/ to begin

To achieve the mission to empower over 100,000 Creative entrepreneurs by the year 2030 to start, grow and scale profitable and sustainable global creative businesses, Bellafricana has come up with this initiative and is open to partnering and collaborating with more governmental agencies, public/private corporations, and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) to achieve this.

Start shopping for unique and rich creations today!





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