Spotlight Wednesday | Peju Alatise


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Peju Alatise is definitely not your everyday conventional artist. Interestingly enough, she has an educational background in architecture and is also a writer. A recurring theme in her work is the significance and power of womanhood. Alatise’s work borders on the theme of women, especially capturing the joys and pains of modern African womanhood. [/dropcap]

In her remarkable works of art she employs the use of mixed media to create complicated but beautiful art, sometimes using clothing in her art as a literal and metaphorical representation of humans. The significance of this is that the resulting sense of emptiness gives the audience a moment of inflection, and an incentive to question prefabricated beliefs. Peju Alatise also specializes in sculptural concepts that are baffling and captivating at the same time. Definitely expending must time and attention to each sculpture, she details each sculpture with painted patterns, florals, feathers, stones, etc.

Date of Birth: 1975

Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria
Below are some of her remarkable  artwork!

Orange-Scarf by Peju Alatise/
Orange-Scarf by Peju Alatise


Pejismoke and ashes by Peju Alatise

peju-alatise/ digest.bellafricana

Blue in the face by Peju-Alatise


Peju Alatise red-scar/digest.bellafricana



Article written by Layo Bright


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