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[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Sam Ovraiti is a renowned visual artist and one of the few water colour artist in Nigeria. He attended Auchi Polytechnic where he graduated with distinctions in General Art & Painting, he went further to obtain a Masters degree in Fine Art from the University of Benin, Edo State. He has won several national and academic awards including 1st prize winner at the Mobil Producing National Painting Competition. [/dropcap]

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After graduation, he was retained as a lecturer in Auchi polythecnic to teach painting, drawing and illustration in 1985. By 1993, he had gained a reputation as the most expressive water colourist in Nigeria as he has been working as a full time professional artist.

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Sam is a gentle and philosophical soul with a tenderness that cannot easily be described but greatly felt. This perhaps explains his ability to not control the medium he works with but instead to speak the language of the medium, letting the medium dictate the artwork. The result is a purified, beautified reality. This pure and simple reality is dominant in his watercolour works. His works in the oil medium build on this and express a different aspect of his art, one more complex and layered.
Date of Birth: 1961
Place of Birth: Zaria, Nigeria.
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He works with different mediums but he is well known for his watercolor works depicting Fulani women and local folklore themes. Sam is a member of the Guild of Professional Fine Artists of Nigeria, Society of Nigerian Artists, Watercolour Society of Nigerian Artists, Nigeria.
Woman by Sam Ovraiti-digest.bellafricana
Sam’s current exploits include the passion series and the fishes of life series. The passion series is an experimentation and report on the activities that people do passionately. These activities honour various African women ceremonies such as marriage and christening. The fishes of life series is based on the fish as a source of inspiration for colour application and exploration of shapes which form a large part of Sam’s art.
dreamseriesblueandwhitebirds by Sam Ovraiti-digest.bellafricana
Sam Ovraiti is one of the most gifted artists of his generation with several exhibitions and group shows in Nigeria, Europe and America.
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