Spotlight Wednesday | Noureddine Daifallah


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Noureddine Daifallah is a calligrapher and a teacher of fine arts in Marrakech, Morocco. He attended Marrakech School of Arts where he studied sculptor, although he had passion for painting. His works shows the fusion of contemporary art with traditional Arabic calligraphy which creates an interesting mix of his new and old works.[/dropcap]


Place of Birth: Marrakech, Morocco

Date of Birth: 1960

Arabic calligraphy is held in high status within the community. Daifallah who is currently a Professor of Fine Arts has transformed the old Arabic calligraphy with the distinctive way he plays with letter formation, passing a striking contrast to his complex handwriting, consequently stirring up emotions and exquisiteness from the Arabic script.  His works are mysteriously untitled allowing the imagination free range amongst the lines and colours of his paintings. The delicate patterns of blood red and the smudges of burnt gold amongst the confident bold lines of lettering create a surface of unfathomable depth, like a trickle of water glittering at the bottom of a deadly ravine. The complexity of Noureddine Daifallah’s work creates a visual poetry: beautiful, enchanting and eloquent.


Daifallah first exhibition was at age 17, and since then his artwork has been exhibited in Morocco, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, UAE and Turkey and in 2002, Guggenheim Museum in New York acquired two of his paintings.


In 1991, Daifallah was awarded the Biennale de Turquie award (International Commission for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage), Istanbul and the Zémé Rencontre de la jeune Peinture Marocaine, Espace Wafa Bank, Casablanca.






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