The beach is a place to be and this is not only for the eternal view of the sea but also for the display of varieties of fishes in different ways on this day. Fish lovers and visitors from Lagos and from other parts of Nigeria came down to have a good time and enjoy the best of fishes gotten by Lagos fishermen.

Lagos fishermen had stands apportioned to them with fresh fishes, smoked fishes and all things marine on display. Maltina and Maggi brands as official sponsors of the day set the atmosphere up for interesting performances for the audience. So with enough fishes to eat and take home, music to dance to and the pepper soup competition which had three contestant winners take home the prize money, it was fun all the way.


Looking at seafood through a glass case and pointing to what you want is a hit-or-miss method for buying seafood.  You need to see it close-up, touch it and smell it.  Look for the following characteristics:
Seafood should smell like the sea, this is the first step in determining the freshness. Close your eyes and imagine you’re on a beach with a gentle breeze blowing.  You can smell the salty air and maybe a hint of seaweed.  This is how your fish should smell.  If you take a whiff and it makes your nose wrinkle or you think it smells ‘fishy’, it’s probably old.  The smell won’t improve with cooking.
For the investors and the fishermen cooperatives that took stands and displayed their fishes for recognition, it was a win for them. Several fishermen cooperatives were thankful for the initiative of the state government in bringing about this sea food festival. Many sold their batch of fishes and had to go fish for more to sell. Many gave their contacts out to customers who were willing to keep contacting them after the festival.
If buying a whole fish, the eyes should be clear and bright and the skin should be shiny and moist with no discoloration (this also goes for fillets with the skin intact).  If possible, touch the flesh of the fish; it should be resilient.  If an indentation from your finger remains, choose something else. Fresh fish should be stored in the coldest part of your refrigerator (away from lights and the door). It is best if eaten as soon as possible after purchasing it.  If you buy it today, eat it today or tomorrow at the latest.  If your schedule fluctuates such that you never know when you’ll be home to cook, buy frozen fish.  Most seafood is flash-frozen very soon after it’s been cleaned, and as long as it stays frozen there will be very little degradation in quality and flavor.

Gabriel Olufemi, a fishermen cooperative representative from Badagry had this to say about the seafood festival: “It is a good development for us and it presents our trade to the world. Lagos fishermen get to know themselves too so that we all can work together to move our trade forward. We’ve been selling our fishes since morning to the extent that we had to bring more for those who keep requesting. We are grateful to our government for this festival. We wouldn’t limit our work anymore now that Lagos and the world are aware of us.”

Source: http://connectnigeria.com/

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