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[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Olawunmi Banjo is one of the premium realists with well detailed finishing. She attended the Pan African University, Lagos, Nigeria where she studied Entrepreneurship. Olawunmi is a self developed Artist who loved drawing and painting as a kid, this made her develop a strong passion for her career. Her work captures the ideology that portrays deep and everyday social realities that confronts most societies. [/dropcap]

Her work captures exploration of moods, settings and structural composition. Olawunmi is dedicated to providing you with 100% well detailed hand painted Fine Art.

She learnt some basics from Aina Onabolu Modern Art and also learnt about different mediums for painting by watching other artists paint.

She paints with Acrylic and Oil stretched on well primed canvas and blend with sable brush, draws with pencil or charcoal. She also works with oil and beads on canvas. Her style of painting Realism but she also loves Surrealism.

I believe my Art is explanatory to speak for itself, even when I’m long gone. I want people to see the significance and appreciate it.- says Olawunmi.

God is her source of inspiration but she also gets inspired by nature, people around her, experiences, works of other Artists, mainly Renaissance masters and paintings of Surrealist.

Olawunmi Banjo believes that art is a vision and experience that helps people see the true significance of life through the eyes of an Artist. She also believes in using art as a creative ability to define the beauty and existence of life, which words alone cannot explain”.
Her moods are basically dictated by African traditions and cultures. Her imagination are complimented by bright colours. She wants to be remembered for the patience and passion that she gives to deliver messages through her well detailed paintings.

confuse mind by olawumi/ digest.bellafricanaOlawunmi Banjo recently interpreted the logo of 50 @ 50 Nigerian Women; The journey so far. The Painting was unveiled in Abuja by Her Excellency, Dame Patience Jonathan First Lady Federal Republic of Nigeria. The event was organised by the first Lady’s Women for change Initiative, her excellency’s pet project, which seeks to promote the contributions of Nigerian Women to national development. 25th August 2010.

Date of Birth: July 31st 1985

Native of  Ogun state, Nigeria.

Title: The Nigerian Woman
Medium: Acrylic & Beads on Canvas
Size: 3ft x 4ft.

She was commissioned to create painting of The Institute of Government and Public Policy (incorporating AWO Museum) by Mr Ibukun Fakeye, M.D. Ocean Beach Golf & Leisure Resorts Ltd Which was presented to His Excellency Babatunde Raji Fashola SAN. Governor of Lagos State. 2009.

Institute of Government and Public Policy by olawumi / digest.bellafricana
Title: Institute of Government and Public Policy (incorporating AWO Museum)
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 42in X 48in

Olawunmi with the U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria Dr. Robin Renee Sanders/ digest.bellafricana
Olawunmi with the U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria Dr. Robin Renee Sanders.

Olawunmi Banjo exhibited and organised the female section of the Send forth Exhibition for the U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria Dr. Robin Renee Sanders, which was held at the Nike Art Gallery, Lekki, Lagos. August 8, 2010. She has also participated in various group Art Exhibition, workshops and competition.

Olawunmi is a premier member of the African Artists Foundation (AAF) and Art Zero. She won the 2nd prize at The Experience Nigeria 2008 Art competition, organized by A.A.R.C. Titled “Nigerians at work”.

Title: Aboki Aiki.
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 36in X 27in

Her vision is to create historical paintings that will depict the value and rich culture of Africans and at the same time educate our future about Africa. Basically unveiling diverse creativity of Africa’s historical and cultural values. “What makes a country is its history, which should be cherished and not forgotten”.  Also, my vision is to create Art for awareness in different areas for people who need to be heard or seen.

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