Merry Christmas from Ghana


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Christmas is celebrated worldwide to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ who came to the world to spread the message of God. People in Ghana celebrate Christmas from the 20th of December to the first week in January with lots of different activities. Many people travel to visit their relatives and friends in other parts of the country. Over 66 languages are spoken in Ghana and all these language groups have their own traditions and customs. [/dropcap]

At the time of the Christmas festival the people of the west decorate their homes with different kinds of food lights, crafts and various other decorative items. Christmas in Ghana has always been a special time for the citizens of Ghana.

Ghana, officially the Republic of Ghana, is a country situated in West Africa. The preparation for the festival of Christmas in Ghana starts much ahead of its time. Though most of the people of Ghana are not religious, but all participate in the activities related to the festival of Christmas in Ghana.

December is also the start of the cocoa harvest (the bean that make chocolate) in Ghana. Ghana is the worlds second biggest cocoa producer. During the Christmas period children’s parties, employees’ end of year parties, etc. are mostly celebrated in the hotels, at the beaches, school parks and community centers with good wishes for everyone.

Bellafricana digest Christmas in Ghana

Christmas Eve night is the time when the celebrations really start with Church services that have drumming and dancing. Children often put on a Nativity Play or other drama. Then choirs come out to sing and people come out in front of the priests to dance. Songs are mostly sang in the languages that the people understand best. Other people celebrate Christmas Eve with fireworks and parties.

On 25th December, that is on the day of Christmas another big feast takes place along with the Christmas Day service. The most important aspect of this service is that the story of Christmas is told in all the languages for everybody to understand. After this service, the children receive gifts, which may include chocolates, cookies, clothes, crackers or books and it is told to the children that these gifts have been sent by Father Christmas.

Christmas in Ghana is pretty much related to Christmas in Nigeria. It’s all about CELEBRATIONS! CELEBRATIONS!! CELEBRATIONS!!!

bellafricana digest merry Christmas from Ghana

bellafricana digest merry Christmas from Ghana

bellafricana digest merry Christmas from Ghana
Merry Christmas from Ghana with Rebecca and the kids

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone from Ghana! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Source: Rebecca Kuntz,

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