Meet the Ghanaian Entrepreneur Building Bikes Using Bamboo


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] The Ghanaian Entrepreneur Building Bikes Using Bamboo. Talk about Creativity. Meet Bernice Dapaah from Ghana, founder of Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative. She is changing the face of transport in Ghana by making bikes out of bamboo. Watch her video and be inspired… [/dropcap]

Ghanaian Entrepreneur Building Bikes Using Bamboo

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Bernice from Ghana founder Ghana bamboo bikes initiative
Ghanaian Entrepreneur Building Bikes Using Bamboo- bamboo bicycles from Ghana, bicycles, made from Ghana
Ghanaian Entrepreneur Building Bikes Using Bamboo -bamboo bikes from Ghana, made in Ghana, bellafricana digest
Hope you have been inspired by Bernice and encouraged to keep moving , think global, create local and innovate and create.
There are so many upcoming entrepreneurs and brands creating and innovating unique products and services, made in Africa.
If only  more Africans will maximise the raw materials in Africa to create products and services that is globally acceptable, then we can have a better economy.
So proud of you Bernice, keep up the great work.

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