Lessons In Branding 2 – DODO Design Agency Partners With Bellafricana


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] DODO Design Agency partners with Bellafricana, a brand with a strong message, to create an equally powerful image. Last week, we shared a lesson in the branding process. The first step that was mentioned was for you to ensure you do your research. We are now so close to revealing the new Bellafricana brand, but before then here is the second step to take into consideration.  [/dropcap]

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2. Determine your brand story and your brand message 
Take some time to figure out what you want your business to stand for, what is your message, what is the story that drives your business, why do you create what you create, what do you hope to fulfil in your customers’ lives. This is so important because this is the foundation of all your branding and marketing efforts, and the more honest you are in answering these questions the more you will endear people to your business and your creations.
For the Bellafricana brand, the story is all about supporting creative African businesses and patterning with them to boost their image and connect their products to global markets. This is so powerful and much needed in Nigeria today, and their story connects with their target audience. So following our process, we now have grounds to build a great logo, tagline and other marketing materials. Look through our visual studies below to help you as you form your own brand message, and make sure to come back for the reveal next week!
DODO Visual brief 1 for Bellafricana
DODO bellafricana rebrand brief 2 DODO Bellafricana Visual Brief-TYPE STUDIES
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