BBL Consult Introduces Speak Awards Africa


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] BBL Consult Limited, an Accra based consultancy firm has revealed its latest concept, dubbed, Speak Awards Africa; an award show to recognize artisans and other stakeholders in the creative arts industry, who have successfully managed their brands.
The three-day event is scheduled to take place from November 29 to December 1, in 2 segments. The first segment will occur on November 29 and 30, which consists a conference and an exhibition show. The conference will discuss various topics and the importance of fusing business into creative arts whiles the exhibition show will create a platform for the display of arts and merchandise.  [/dropcap]

The second segment will climax the 3-day event with an award show which will acknowledge creative artists who have elevated in the industry with innovative business plans.
“Our 10-year strategic plan is to fully inculcate business into the creative art industry. We want to reveal how successful artists made their way to the top, to serve as inspiration for the upcoming ones. We intend to change mindsets and educate people on how to turn talents into businesses”, says Kwame Raj of BBL Consult.
“We named it Speak Awards because we believe every brand and art speaks or conveys a message, hence the talking drum in our logo. This event is for those whose creativity has clearly spoken as a result of their innovative ideas in inculcating business into arts and the ability to balance t-shirts and suits ”, he further explained.
Speak Awards Africa is expected to be officially launched this September at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Accra. The event has been endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture.
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