Ankara Wedding Inspirations


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Do something different from the norm with these lovely Ankara wedding ideas we’ve got outlined here.
Ankara to some people may just be known as the capital of Turkey, but to many Africans and even globally now, it is a beautifully coloured fabric that has been worn for ages.
Mostly this fabric is made of cotton material. It is available as African wax print, Holland wax or Dutch wax. In this article, we will be talking about various ways you can use Ankara in your wedding. [/dropcap]

The Ankara fabric has gotten more appreciation than it used to. Many globally renowned designers have done lots of amazing work with the fabric. Even foreign celebrities wear the beautiful fabric in really creative styles these days.
So why are we still all Western-styled up when even folks abroad are beginning to groove our style. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the western style. It’s lovely, amazing even, but come on let’s embrace what’s ours for a minute at least.
Have you always wanted to do something different and chic from the standard wedding look? Or just simply want to try something out of the box? Consider having an Ankara themed wedding. Yes, you can never do wrong with this beautiful fabric.
Below, we will look at some Ankara wedding inspirations you can try…

Black bride with Braidsmaids wearing Ankara. Ankara wedding inspirations | Bellafricana
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Ankara Wedding Inspirations

The beautiful thing about this fabric is that it can be used by any tribe, country or religion. Also it is very flexible; all you need really is some creativity. Here are some from our creative bank *wink*
Ankara Luggage Set: Like all wedding, let’s start from the very beginning, the engagement ceremony which is also referred to as an engagement party in some other parts of the world.
It is common practice in the Nigerian tradition, especially the Yoruba part, for the groom’s family to give the bride a luggage set at the wedding engagement. This is viewed as the bags she will use to move her belongings to her new home.
So, hey groom, you can start your Ankara wedding theme here by using Ankara leather luggage set.
You can get really good quality ones from The Potter’s Signature. These guys are amazing and will deliver your order according to taste! Find them HERE

Ankara Leather Luggage Set made by The Potters Signature | Bellafricana
Buy Quality From The Potters Signature | Call: +2347084054748 | Email: [email protected] | Visit:

Ankara Bow ties & Pocket Squares: The groom and groom’s men could replace the regular bow tie with bow ties and pocket squares made out of the Ankara fabric.
This is really interesting as it will add a lot of colour to your style and also can be blended with the bride’s ensemble and her bridal train’s too.
The creative merchant I recommend for this, is African Things. You can check them out here and make enquires to your preference. Click Here.
Ankara Bow tie and Pocket square made by African Things | Bellafricana
Buy Quality From African Things | Call: +2348166725362 | Email: support | Visit:

Handbags and Clutches: During the traditional wedding (engagement party), the bride can use a beautifully crafted Ankara leather clutch or handbag.
At the white wedding (church wedding) also, using a chic Ankara detailed clutch matching the Ankara used by the groom for his bow tie and pocket square will be quite lovely too.
Ankara Clutch and Ankara Bangles | Bellafricana
Buy Quality From African Things | Call: +2348166725362 | Email: support | Visit:

Ankara Shoes: For your this, you can use matching Ankara fabrics to make the shoes for you and your spouse. This can be used as highlights and not necessarily that major material of the shoe. This really depends on your taste. You can get really good looking ones from African Things also.
Bridesmaid Dresses: Instead of going with the regular western styled bridesmaid dresses, you can use the Ankara fabric here also. Take your pick of any style you can imagine and spruce it up with Ankara details.
For this, you should check out the designs by Delavi Couture! They’ve got really amazing tailoring skills and can make dresses and shirts to your preference. When you’re done, you’ll see how well your bridesmaids’ dresses will turn heads.
Ankara Detailed Jewellery: The first time I came across Ankara jewelleries was in True Love magazine. It was love at first sight. That really got me psyched that “wow, my people can make something this amazingly magnifique (forming French accent *covers face*)”
So imagine your bridesmaids adorned in such lovely jewellery pieces.  Awesome yes? Ankara detailed jewelleries made by African Things are very lovely for this occasion.
Ankara Detailed earrings by African Things | Bellafricana
Buy Quality From African Things | Call: +2348166725362 | Email: support | Visit:

Ankara Souvenir Options

The wedding is not fully planned without souvenirs for guests. Here too, you can get super creative by infusing your Ankara theme into the souvenirs.
Your souvenirs are a long term reflection of your wedding day. I actually remember some wedding I’ve attended by the souvenirs I got from them. So you want to get something really lovely and of good quality.
Here are a few suggestions:
Ankara Note Books: Get creative with made from the scratch Ankara cover notebooks. Word of advice, patronize only the best.
If the books are just store bought and wrapped with Ankara, it won’t take long before the Ankara fabric starts pulling off from the original cover and that’s really not cool.
Imagine after a few weeks of your wedding and the souvenir is now an ‘Oxford Notebook’ cover (a notebook manufacturing company in Nigeria) with your wedding crest or image on the first page.
Wondering where the trusted place you can get quality Ankara books for your souvenir? Checkout Bellafricana Gifts.
Yes! We make top quality African fabric notebooks from scratch with beautiful love quotes. To see sample, click HERE

Notebook made with Ankara fabric by Bellafricana
Buy Quality From Bellafricana | Call: +2348086363970 | Email: [email protected] | Visit:

Notebooks made with Ankara Fabric by Bellafricana
Buy Quality From Bellafricana | Call: +2348086363970 | Email: [email protected] | Visit:

Ankara Notebook by Bellafricana
Buy Quality From Bellafricana | Call: +2348086363970 | Email: [email protected] | Visit:

Ankara Key holders: Here’s something else you can totally try, key holders made out of Ankara fabric. To go an extra mile, why not use Ankara key holders made out of dried water hyacinth.
It is totally eco-friendly and your guests will love it. You can get neatly made Ankara key holders from MitiMeth.
Ankara Key Holder made by MitiMeth
Buy Quality From MitiMeth | Call: +2347057081482 | Email: [email protected] | Visit:

Souvenir Bags: Don’t you just feel that burst of pride when you see someone walking on the street with a beautiful bag and it turns out to be your wedding souvenir? I know I do.
Make Ankara detailed souvenir bags for your guests and you will feel that burst of pride also. Why? Everyone want to carry or be seen with something unique, your guests will carry it happily everywhere.
It has to be of very good quality though, here again you can trust us at our gift section to deliver perfectly!
Ankara Detailed Souvenir Bags made by Bellafricana
Buy Quality From Bellafricana | Call: +2348086363970 | Email: [email protected] | Visit:

Ankara Detailed Souvenir Bags made by Bellafricana
Buy Quality From Bellafricana | Call: +2348086363970 | Email: [email protected] | Visit:

Give some or all of these suggestions a try. Your guests will always have something unique to say about your wedding with these really cool tweaks.
I remember some many wedding by how unique the experience as a guest was. Am quite sure there are so many other people who pick up one or two things from an event by how unique it is.
People are getting more and more creative with their wedding styles! Why not set a pace also. Take the lead.
At the end of the day, you’d have yourself a fabulously unique wedding. And to top that you’d have contributed greatly to the growth of the economy.
Love Africa! Wear Africa!!
Love Nigeria! Wear Nigeria!!
For other really amazing African made inspirations, checkout some of our Bellafricana Verified merchants below:
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Here are pictures of other Ankara themed wedding
Ankara Wedding Inspirations
Photo Credit: Wedding Gawker

Ankara Wedding Inspirations
Photo Credit: Nigerian Wedding

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