5 Lessons From The Oceans 8 Movie


Over the weekend I got to see the new Oceans 8 movie, courtesy of some very amazing people. I’d tell you their names, but I don’t wanna share them with you. hahaha! 
Anyway, I have been so eager to see this movie because some of my favorite women were in it. I mean someone actually thought it was a good idea to put Rihanna, Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Kate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, and Helena Bonham in one movie! Sigh! I love you whoever you are!
Back to my main reason for writing. As much as the movie was very interesting and well, educating (on how to be an excellent criminal that is…) I realized that there were lessons from this movie that we could all put to practice in our lives and businesses, that would be of great benefit to our growth as people and as brands. So, here are my top 5 lessons from the oceans 8 movie.

1. Thoughtfulness
These ladies pulled off what we can agree was the biggest heist in the history of heists. (Please leave my grammar. You know what I mean.) But this was just as a result of one person’s thoughts and schemes. She thought about it so well, that she already had a plan B escape route just in case the heist wasn’t clean enough.
Imagine if we thought about our plans, businesses, our goals and aspirations like this. Imagine if we were this thoughtful concerning spending our money on trivialities. Just imagine how improved the standard of our lives will be.
2. Effective Time Management 
Timing is everything. This movie said it all. Everything was timed, up until the very moment someone else was framed for the crime. We need to be time conscious always when it comes to our plans, making decisions and getting things done.
I once heard somebody say that the best productivity tip she ever got was to wake up by 4am everyday to set up and plan her day. So I tried it. Trust me I was surprised at all the things I could achieve that day. I’ve passed on this productivity tip now, I hope you will put it to good use.

3. Team Work 
As well put together as Debbie was, she couldn’t pull off everything on her own. She needed a team, and she, alongside her partner pulled together a team of women who had relevant skills and well, a pressing need. She didn’t decide to do it alone, because it was obvious that if she tried, she would fail.
4. Importance of Proper Delegation
As important as getting a team is, we also need to understand the importance of proper delegation. If Amita was put on the computer to do the job of 9balls, they wouldn’t have pulled off the heist successfully. So we need to know who to put where in our lives. We need to know how to delegate tasks to our team members and employees that are in line with their areas of strength, so that we get good and profitable results.

5. Attention to Detail
In the movie, on the day of the MET Gala when the heist was scheduled to take place, we can all agree that the only reason they were able to get the toussaint was their attention to detail. They took precaution with everything, and were able to find a blind spot in a hall where cameras were planted at every nook and cranny.
It is important for us to always pay attention to detail in everything we do. We need to be particular about certain things in order to attain excellence.
After all said and done, it is of absolute importance that we prune our skills and improve upon them constantly. We should always strive to be the best at whatever we do, and how we do it. Take that extra course, join that business community, attend that workshop and just try to do something everyday that makes you better than you were the previous day.
I hope you enjoyed the read? Have you seen the Oceans 8 movie? What did you learn? Please feel free to share  with us in the comments.

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