You're invited to Eclectic21 Mother's Day Event, themed "From Mother, with Love"


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Join Eclectic 21TM Sunday March 6, for its annual Mother’s Day event – The Yeye Cabaret with this years theme “From Mother, With Love”. It’s an evening of live music, poetry, dance & theatre.  [/dropcap]

On this occasion, we remember gifts of love given to us by our mothers from childhood, or even as recent in our adult life. These gifts can be commemorative e.g. birthday gifts, graduation gift, wedding gift to a daughter/daughter-in-law etc.
We draw inspiration from a cross-section of audience who share their life stories of such gifts of love given to them by their mothers/mother-figures mostly in form of kind gestures which money cannot buy.
Hence, this year, the cabaret will take on a very theatrical look, where we’ll tell individual stories (curated) in a stage performance following a scripted narrative portrayed by actors on stage with musical interludes, dance and poetry. A “poetry musical” of some sort.
If you are interested in sharing your story you can post it via the link below

For tickets and reservations visit;
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