Touring Ghana, The Gold Coast of Africa by Daniel Okon


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Hello there, here’s a wonderful write up by our guest Daniel Okon, about his vacation in Ghana, the Gold Coast of Africa. If you don’t know much about the beauties of Africa, you need to read this destination review to the end.

Daniel Okon Writes About Ghana

When you think of going on vacation, a beautiful island in the Caribbean or a yacht experience in the south of France might be ideal.  You do not leave Africa to enjoy new experiences or have a fabulous time. There are many beautiful tourist sites and destination in Africa that are undervalued. Tour the Gold Coast of West Africa A.K.A Ghana with me. Akwaba! [/dropcap]

Touring Ghana, The Gold Coast of Africa by Daniel Okon
Ghana is a country that is blessed with natural resources that has genuine, loving and kind people with unique cultural diversity. Popular local languages spoken are Twi, Fante and Ga. Ghana is mostly know for it pristine beaches and ancient castles, but this isn’t about what you know. There are exciting activities you can engage in the Volta region and the Eastern Region.
The Wli waterfalls is located in the Volta region of Ghana and It is about a 4 hour drive from the capital Accra. If you’re a die-hard romantic individual who want a break from city life with your partner and loves nature this would soothe you, I promise.
The waterfall is believed to be the highest water fall in West Africa with a height of about 143 meters and it is part of the Agumatsa River. Close by is Mount Afadjato, the highest mountain in Ghana with a height of about 885 meters.
The waterfall has two distinct falls, the upper and lower fall respectively in which they lie on the Akwapim- Togo range that borders Ghana and Togo. On getting to the site you would be asked to pay a token fee which is usually used for the development of the site.
You would be assigned to a tour guide who would take you on an hour hike into the forest where the water fall is hidden. On this trek you would pass by 9 small rivers before getting to the foot of the waterfall. Also visitors don’t need to climb any hills or descend steep Valleys to get to the foot of this spectacular geological testament.
On getting to the fall, the first thing that strikes you is the cascading thunder of water gushing from the tip of the overhanging cap rock of the high rise hill where the water flows from. It is indeed a beautiful sight to see and keeps you wonder-struck.
One of the fun activities to do at the site is to take a swim in the shallow plunge pool and allow heavy droplets of water hit you like hail.
There are a flock of bats which hover around the fall in dis-formation making squeaky noises that can be distracting, but also bring cohesion to the natural scenery. The waterfall is one of Ghana’s most visited sites and attracts people from all over the world.
In the Eastern region of Ghana, a unique festival is celebrated every Easter. It is a paragliding festival and not for the faint at heart. I was privileged to take part in the Kwahu Paragliding Festival.
Whoever taught you could go paragliding in Ghana? The festival started in 2005 by the Ministry of Tourism in Ghana and the festival last for three days.
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Apart from paragliding, there are street jams and other fun activities to do. The paragliding activities are done on one of the highest hills in kwahu where you can see breath taking views of the town. Each participant is assigned to a paragliding pilot all of whom come from different parts of the world from the USA down to Peru.
They give safety instructions on the does and don’t of paragliding and It is important to note that comfortable clothing and shoes are key when going for such activities.
In preparation for your flight to glide, your parachute is unpacked, spread evenly on the floor and inspected to ensure that during takeoff it can expand to its maximum span without being tangled. After which you and your pilot would be strapped together to the parachute and then you start a takeoff run from about 50 meters towards the edge of the cliff.
As you run the parachute begins to catch air and rise, and when getting to the edge of the cliff you jump. I must confess, the final moments before we took off my heart skipped but after the lift off all I could feel was serenity with the blue skies and amazing views of the town below me.
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We cruised about 5000 ft above sea level, hovering around with the birds and pilling stunts. After about 20 minutes we started our decent to a nearby field. After landing there were a lot of refreshment and I had the traditional meal of Banku and Tilapia.
In addition, there were cultural displays and also a standby ambulance in case of any emergencies. It was a noteworthy escapade and an experience I would love to do over and over.
Below, are some pictures from my trip;
Touring Ghana, The Gold Coast of Africa by Daniel Okon | Bellafricana
Touring Ghana, The Gold Coast of Africa by Daniel Okon | Bellafricana
Touring Ghana, The Gold Coast of Africa by Daniel Okon | Bellafricana
Touring Ghana, The Gold Coast of Africa by Daniel Okon | Bellafricana
Touring Ghana, The Gold Coast of Africa by Daniel Okon | Bellafricana
So now that you’ve read about Daniel’s time in Ghana, I’m sure you should be convinced Africa is a gold mine when it comes to tourist attraction.
Come here another time to learn more about the wonders of Africa.
You can reach Daniel by mail at: [email protected] or follow on instagram: @danielkons

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