Top 8 Indigenous Handmade Footwear Brands in Nigeria You Should Know


Shoes are my favorite accessory. In fact, I can wear PJs on a Monday if I have to, but my footwear has to be unique and statement worthy. You can call me a shoe freak if you want. However, we can agree that buying shoes can leave a very huge hole in ones pocket if you are not careful, this is why I took the option of looking out for indigenous brands that produce quality handmade footwear in Nigeria that are elegant, and do not cost so much money.

I came up with a list of eight (8) amazing handmade footwear brands that are not only made in Nigeria, but also Bellafricana Verified. You know I like quality, so where else did you expect me to check? In no particular order, here is my list. Feel free to connect with them and check them out.

1. K.Aspen (k.aspenng)

K.Aspen is a product of merging creativity, entrepreneurial drive, business development and managerial skills. K. Aspen was birthed because there weren’t many options available regarding locally (designed and) made footwear at the time. The brand has grown immensely and has achieved multiple milestones.

K. Aspen’s niche is currently bespoke and well-designed leather footwear for discerning men and women.

Contact Number : 07064738712

Email : [email protected]


2. Moroks Xpressions (moroksxpression)

Moroksxpression specializes in the production of men’s footwear, with the use of quality leather and African contemporary fabric called Asooke. With a keen eye for details MoroksXpressions prides themselves as a premium brand for uniquely designed male footwear

Contact Number : 08032796590

Email : [email protected]

3. Mona Matthews (monamatthewsng)

Mona Matthews creates quality unique shoes for men, women and children, majorly using leathers and suede. The brand was created in January 2002, to meet the need of people with big sized feet, looking for comfortable , yet stylish shoes.

Although the brand focused more on bigger sizes in the past, it is fast evolving into a family one stop shop for footwear solutions.

Contact Number : 08023055212

Email : [email protected]

4. Mira Oma Luxury (miraomaluxury)

Mira Oma is a luxury brand distinct in creating quality leather accessories made with an African twist. Its uniqueness is accredited to an innovative fusion of ethnic fabrics, ornaments and exotic leather materials. Specializes in bags for men and women, they have recently branched into production of bespoke casual footwear for both men and women

Since inception in 2014, Mira Oma remains essentially focused on giving clients unrivaled assurance on quality and exquisite craftsmanship that effortlessly identifies with an individual’s high fashion value & style.

Attention to detail and absolute quality is guaranteed and personally handled by the Creative Director.

Contact Number : 08177990310

Email : [email protected]

5. HOM Shoes (

HOM Shoes creates unique;y handcrafted slides and slippers for women using leather, suede and the Adire textile fabric of the western region of Nigeria. The perfect combination of leather and adire is what makes them stand out with stylish, comfortable and stylish pieces for every woman.

Contact Number : 09091593092

Email : [email protected]

6. Yili Footwear (yilifootwear)

Yili Footwear was founded and developed with the intent to change the narrative of producing and purchasing quality leather footwear in Africa. Yili footwear designs are highly influenced by colours, different cultures and travels around Africa.

The Nigerian/African heritage significantly influences each design for each new collection. Yili’s inspiration stems from the magic of the surroundings. From the Danfo buses, to the busy street markets, to the Adire and Aso-okeprints and even the Lagos traffic.

Contact Number : 08149729831

Email : [email protected]

7. Ethnik By Tunde Owolabi (@ethnikbytundeowolabi)

Ethnik is about promoting culture and giving back to the community. At Ethnik, it is believed that sustenance is the key to preserving our heritage, and to this end, a core element of our social responsibility means we invest in our local artisans and create an enabling environment where they can continue to weave aso oke the way it is done traditionally, a skill that is passed down through generations.

ETHNIK is about making aso oke accessible to the fashion-forward modern man and woman. Beyond accessibility and creating fashionable pieces for brand savvy trendsetters, Ethnik is about sustainability, reinventing and modernizing tradition.

Contact Number : 09090003789

Email : [email protected]

8. Apinke (@a.p.i.n.k.e)

Apinke espadrilles is made from Aso Oke,  a popular hand loomed cloth woven by the Yoruba people of western Nigeria. Aso Oke means top cloth in the English language. Aso Oke is usually woven by men, the fabric is used to make men’s gowns called Agbada, women’s wrappers, called iro and men’s hat called fila.

A.P.I.N.K.E manufactures with the Aso Oke material with the mindset that when people wear it, it spreads the footprint of culture in Nigeria.

Contact Number : 07069476683

Email : [email protected]

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