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[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Did you know that you are doing everything digitally without knowing? What really is Digital Marketing? I am sure you noticed how the phrase “Digital marketing” as been passed around lately. In my own definition, I would say “Digital marketing simply means bringing how you do traditional marketing online using technology”. From my little experience, it’s not IT but marketing. Lets see what 2 experts have to say below about “Digital marketing”.[/dropcap]

“The simple response would be that Digital Marketing leverages electronic devices (PC, Tablet, Phone, digital OOH) to provide an experience that influences a desired audience to take an action. However, that sounds too easy when it’s significantly more complex than that. In my reality, Digital Marketing is the tip of the spear when engaging with a desired audience. It is not simply the channel of delivery, but the way in which an experience comes to life, across channels and in all channels. – Kevin Green (Executive Director, Marketing at Dell).
For me digital marketing is any way that we, as marketers, use digital media to influence users. Whether that’s the free stuff – search, social, etc. – or the paid stuff – PPC, display advertising, social ads, in game advertising, etc. across all available technologies and platforms. The real trick to effective digital marketing is using the right platform / technology / tactic to reach the audience that will buy your product / read your articles / engage with your content.” – Simon Heseltine (Senior Director, Organic Audience Development at AOL).
The holidays are an important time for business owners and entrepreneurs. Digital marketing is the way to reach your audience and generate revenue.
Would you like to double your customer base this holiday?
To be able to get more SALES each and every day?
Not only ‘more sales’ but MORE of the customers that matters…
The ‘customers’ that BUILDS your business and DRIVES returning and referral money…
Then you need to be there…
He will be unveiling the Secret Formula to succeed online.
Digital marketing in Lagos Nigeria - Tobi Asehinde- CEO Vibe Web Solutions-speaking-bella community-how to double your holiday sales online-November meet up
November Theme: “How to double your holiday sales online”
Guest Speaker: Mr Tobi Asehinde, CEO Vibe Web Solutions. He is also the Founder of SME Digital Hub and Find Digital Tools.
Date: Friday 27th, November 2015, we are holding a special interactive training session for you in our November Meetup (last meet up for the year).
Time: 4pm – 8pm
Entry Fee: ₦3500 (Comes with food and drink)
Make payment to >> [Name: Bellafricana, Acc. no: 1013734944, Zenith Bank]
After payment, register by responding to this mail with your name, phone number, company name.
Venue: Labule Restaurant, 42A Ogudu Road, Lagos.
NOTE: Call Bukky or Ijeoma on 08086363970 to register or email info@bellafricana

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